Highly Experienced Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ


I have known Ulises Ferragut for over 5 years. Over that time I have seen him defend the most difficult cases with ease. Ulises is always professional and does everything he can to defend his clients.

His specialties include criminal defense, murder and homicide defense, shoplifting defense, sex crime defense, larceny/theft defense, sexual assault defense, probation violation defense and assistance, post-conviction relief assistance, DUI defense, and much more.

Ulises has defended multiple high-profile cases over the years, including a case where a young man was charged with attempted murder - on our local sheriff at the time, Joe Arpaio!

The case against the young man looked like it was not defend-able. However, Ulises stayed with the case for months on end, and eventually won the case! Through his extreme detective work and persistence, it came out that the young man was actually set up! Not only that, but he was set up by non other than the sheriff's deputies! How bizarre is that?

Ulises has defended multiple other high-profile cases as well. But no matter how many of those high-profile cases he has defended, Ulises remains a very down-to-earth lawyer that is always ready and willing to help anyone that needs help in defending charges against them.

If you need help defending any criminal charge, give Ulises a call today at 602-324-5300. He and his superior legal team are standing by to help you. One more thing about The Ferragut Law Firm - your case will always be handled by Mr. Ulises Ferragut and never a less knowledgeable junior lawyer. He is standing by to help you now. Give his office a call.

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