How To Deal With Toxic People?

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Relationships are sacred. They are sacred because only through relationship can we define 'who we are?' Are you good, bad, loving, caring, angry, envious, or depressed? None of these is possible if nothing else (person or thing) exist but you. How you behave and deal with someone or something else defines you. And you are defining yourself every moment, either consciously or unconsciously. Those who want to improve themselves, define 'who they are?' consciously.

Human psychology is complex and no two persons behave the same. Even twins have differences in their behavior although to a large extent they have many similarities.

When your behavior or that of another person is in some way considered socially inappropriate or does not serve you or anyone else, you may wish to "deal with" such behavior. Even if you chose to ignore the behavior, if that somehow serves you or the others, that too is a kind of "dealing with"

In this series of open-ended questions posted regularly your opinion will be sought on how you have or how you would deal with a behavior pattern that is generally considered socially inappropriate or does not serve anyone.

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