Crypterce - It's like Amazon, but in Cryptos.

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If you have been complaining about lack of merchants who accept cryptos, here is something really exciting to crow about. 

Just like Amazon, this is a new e-commerce site that sells tens of thousands of products in about 50 categories. Currently the site accepts the following 5 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and XRP. 

I am sure, if enough number of customers request for other cryptos to be accepted, they would consider the request. If you want the crypto of your choice to be accepted on their site, head to their "Contact & Support" link at the bottom of their page and make your request. Among others, don't forget to make a request to include Steem! I have done so. 

You can also sign up as an affiliate partner to earn up to 3% commission. 


N.B. The shared link here is an affiliate link. 
Use the referral link and the Coupon Code: AEJPRFHJXR9V to get an additional 5% discount on the prices

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