Where Can I Buy Sea Moss that is High Quality?

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Do you know how your #seamoss is processed? What do you know about how it is changed from red, dark green, or purple to the golden color it looks in your packet? Here are a few things to think about before you buy sea moss online or in a store:

  • Has your sea moss been heavily salted with refined table salt?

A little added natural sea salt is ok when there is a high moisture content. Natural sea salt will leach out of your sea moss and form on the surface as it dries further once the pack has been opened. This is from the sea water your sea moss has absorbed while it has been growing.

You’ll know if it is added salt or not. This salt is extremely fine, even finer than table salt that you might have in your kitchen. When this naturally occurring salt appears on the surface it is so fine that it is comparable to caster sugar. This is normal, and a good sign that your sea moss has not been highly processed and chemically treated.

  • Has your sea moss been bleached with chemicals, or naturally sun bleached?

Changing the color of your sea moss can be done naturally through sun bleaching. Not all sea moss Farmers know how to do this successfully, and some use chemicals to strip the natural color out.

Some other questions that are worth considering may include:

  • Has your sea moss been quality checked and packaged in a suitable food grade facility?
  • Does your sea moss supplier, or your sea moss seller's supplier work closely with the processing side of the operation?
  • Do they visit the facility and conduct their own inspections at random?
  • Are they involved with the Farmers and working towards a common goal of a better quality product?
  • Does the facility have Food Handling, Halal, Kosher, HACCP, or ISO certifications?
  • Does your sea moss have a batch number and a best before date?
  • Are you able to contact the supplier through the information on the packaging?

Our sea moss is selected based on these and more rigorous questions. We don't wildcraft, and we don't work with unethical operations. As a result, we can sometimes run out of stock, but if you're a subscriber to our mailing list you will be among the first to know when the next harvest is in.

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