Treating Acne Scars with Sea Moss Gel

I was recently asked; "Can dermatologists fix facial scars on someone who had bad acne as a teenager?"

This was not a simple yes or no. So I answered with a resounding "Possibly."

The thing with scar tissue is that the elastin typically has been bunched up in ways that it normally wouldn't due to the disruption to the dermal matrix.

I've seen positive results where the appearance of scar tissue has reduced through using a topical application of #seamoss gel over an extended period of time.

I feel over as a very young child and badly injured myself. I was left with a scar next to my left eye. This has been very obvious for all of my childhood life and much of my adult life.


Since I've been using sea moss gel this has smoothed out and shifted with the firming of my skin.

It's still there, but it has reduced over time.

Based on my research, and the results I'm seeing, this appears to be the result of the collagen in the sea moss.

Plant based collagen is more like human collagen than what is harvested from animals. This makes plant based collagen more effective when used topically as it assimilate with the human body more efficiently.

As far as deep scaring goes, you would be best to speak with a specialist that you trust. But also explore other options that are less invasive and costly.

For the sake of $15 to $20 you may find a bag of sea moss gets you on the right path to the results you're looking for. Make sure your happy with your Sea Moss purchase by following these simple tips.

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