Think of this before Buying Sea Moss...

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With all transactions that you make there are ripple effects. You may have heard me speak of this as 'the pebble that is dropped into the pond' in other posts.

Nothing happens without causing some form of 'other' effect. Your money, which is at least half of every transaction, has the potential to accumulate velocity as it changes hands. By spending it the way you choose to, what are you contributing to, knowingly or otherwise?

We are strongly opposed to the idea of #wildcrafting as it has a harmful impact when conducted on a commercial scale.

Now, you may not see your 4oz (125g approx.) bag as being that big of a deal. But what about when those numbers are increased? How does that look when the retailer is selling 10,000 units a month across multiple online platforms and in stores?

What is the true cost of that sea moss?

I'd like you to challenge your suppliers on the following points before you decide to buy your next bag of sea moss on the following:

  • Is the marine life in the area that your sea moss comes from deprived of a food source or habitat from wildcrafting practices?
  • Are suitable species of sea moss propagated in assessed areas to increase sea moss harvest volumes?
  • Are environmentally friendly practices used to process and dry your sea moss?
  • Is your sea moss chemical free?

It would be interesting to learn how cooperative your current supplier of #seamoss is in providing you with this kind of information. You have a right to know.

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