Think About This Before You Buy Sea Mosss

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Thinking about where your sea moss comes from and what that means is the next point we want you to look at. Before you buy sea moss consider the following:

  • Are the waters your sea moss is grown in impacted by pollution from ports and harbours?
  • Are they exposed to commercial shipping lanes?
  • Are they effected by runoff from industry?
  • Are they polluted by untreated sewerage?
  • Does the company you buy your sea moss through have it regularly tested and share the results of those tests openly?

Choosing a sea moss that is sourced while considering these, and other elements is important. After all, you don't want to consume a product that has been grown in an area that is polluted.

There are often incorrect assumptions made about the quality of waters in different parts of the world. What comes to mind when you think of the waters around parts of Alaska? Beautiful arctic beaches, seals and birds? What about the waters around commercial harbours? What about beaches that have had so much trash wash up that it is left to the locals to clean up the mess? Now that's a very different story.

The same can be said for the waters of almost every other country. Typically, the waters are a lot cleaner the further away from industry you get. That being said, there are some very sad cases of polluted waters. Take for example the Floating Trash Island in the Caribbean. It's such a shame to see our oceans being treated so poorly.

Then think of Indonesia, Vietnam, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Zanzibar, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Russia and South Africa. All of these will cast very different mental images for each of us. But what are these mental images based upon? Assumptions or facts.

Making sure that our sea moss is harvested from the cleanest waters in the areas we farm it is critical to us, because it is critical to you too.

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