Detoxing to Help with Weight Loss through Fasting


One of our Readers reached out and asked about losing weight, detoxing, and where to start. We thought that this could help more people, so we've taken out any identifying info and brought our response here for you.

Question: I would like to get some help on doing a detox of my body, in order to loose weight 50lbs, or more ,at present I am at 250lbs,type 2 diabetic and just would like to know where to start, I sincerely await your reply.

Hello Reader,

Thank you for your question. Weight loss is a challenge for many people at the best of times, but this is not to say that is isn't possible. It certainly is.

I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a Doctor, nor do I know your specific medical circumstances, as such, it is a good idea to get a health check done before entering into an kind of stringent regimen.

In my opinion, you don't need to go down the supplements and meal replacement route where you buy expensive products that do little more than fill you up to lose weight. You can make some simple changes at home that will have a positive impact.

The changes are able to become a consistent part of your life, and help you maintain the weight loss goals you want.

Luke has written some helpful articles on the keto diet, of which he is a veteran, and he is working on more. If you have a look at the Fasting and Furious section on our website. This may be helpful in understanding some of the fasting principles.

As far as applying these, again, I would suggest you consult a specialist to make sure that this is the right thing for you.

Some further research that you may find helpful will include the topics of Water Fasting as spoken of by Dr. Sebi and another one of our contemporaries, Tyler Tolman (and his father Don Tolman).

Tyler runs a series of workshops and retreats where he, like Sebi (and Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg) teach about the power of fasting.

My wife and I fast 3 to 4 times a year, and we find that the first couple of days can be the hardest, but once we are past them, it is easier for us to maintain the fast.

Now, fasting is not for everyone, and we found it easier to slowly scale back the quantity and frequency of the meals we were eating.

We swapped out store bought sweets for home made sweets, like the chocolate and red velvet cake recipes you'll find on our website.

These are a sometimes food for us, and a portion of the cake is not much bigger than 1 inch square. Portion control is key with weight loss, and goes hand in hand with the right type of nutritional elements and plenty of water.

On the topic of water, if you can find a water filter that will cut out the nasty chemicals that may be in your water, this is a great idea.

If you look for one that alkalizes the water this is great for helping fight a range of diseases in the body (look up the research in this area online - there's more and more coming out all the time).

Sea moss is a great source of nutrition and was relied upon in the mid 1840's during the Irish Potato Famine by a nation to keep people fed.

Sebi also talks about the nutritional value of sea moss, although in some of the video he refers to this as [Chondrus Crispus, but what he is holding up is not that species. It looks to be more like Gracilaria or a species of Cottonii.

An important component to consider on the path to weight loss is also exercise. Again, with this you should seek advice from your Doctor based on your current health. Overworking and strenuous exercise is not good, particularly if your body is not conditioned to this.

Support is going to be important too. If you can connect with a 'buddy' who is taking the journey with you it makes keeping yourself on track easier as you can support each other. Be wise in choosing a buddy.

They need to have the same motivation and end goal as you. They don't need to be in your area, you can connect online and report in to each other consistently and hold each other accountable.

If your buddy doesn't seem to be holding up their end of the deal, I'd suggest you look for a buddy who will. If they can't keep on track and you feel like this is too much to manage while working towards your goals this can make things difficult.

Keep in mind that it is just a reflection on how much they want their goals, not on you and your goals.

In closing, I applaud you for taking steps towards a life that you want. This is a journey that is more like a marathon than a sprint, cliche I know. But don't feel that you need to make drastic changes all in one go.

These are often the least likely to stick. Simply swap a few things out over a couple of weeks and focus on the next step, the next day.

It's a case of 'The Compound Effect' at work here (that's a good book from a mindset perspective to read, it's written by Darren Hardy). You can do it.

Be forgiving of yourself if you do slip, but keep yourself accountable and make sure that if you do slip, it is just a slip and not a habit.

Would you mind if I shared this response with our readers on our website?

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