Considering the Cost of Freight when you Buy Sea Moss

What to know before you buy Sea Moss 7.jpg

Behind your #seamoss purchase there are a range of other factors tied up with how it moves from 'Point A' to 'Point B', this is the natural order of things in the world of Logistics. The discussion of cost here is broader than a financial measure.

What do you know about how your sea moss is moved from farm to you? Is this something that matters to you in your decision making process before you buy sea moss?

Some of the factors to consider for us before we buy out sea moss include:

  • Are you getting your sea moss from a source that is as close to the farm as possible?
  • Is your sea moss brought to you with the least amount of fossil fuel used possible?
  • Does the company you buy your sea moss from engage shippers and couriers who have a carbon offset strategy and use renewable energy sources?
  • Does the company you buy your sea moss from choose to use boxes and other packaging materials made from recycled and renewable sources?

How much of a part do considerations like these play for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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