Before You Buy Sea Moss, Consider This...

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Buying sea moss could be a simple tap and pay decision. But what if you want to know that your purchasing power is having a positive impact? Even the smallest pebble dropped into a pond will cause ripples.

So, think about your ripples and what they mean before you buy sea moss in the following areas:

  • Is the sea moss you buy farmed responsibly?
  • Does the presence of the sea moss help or hinder the local environment?
  • Are crop protection methodologies non-threatening to local marine life?
  • Are farms established in areas that help improve the environment?
  • Does your purchase support the Farmers and the communities the live and work in?

Choosing to support sea moss farming operations that do more harm than good for our planet isn't a win for anyone.

There are a lot of companies and sellers online claiming to provide 'wildcrafted' sea moss. And as much as that might gel with your romantic ideals of a pure food source, what does it really mean when dome on a commercial scale? We're quick to take a stand against deforestation, so how is this any different?

Did you know that responsibly farmed sea moss, when done in a sustainable manner, adds more oxygen to the ocean? It also increases the food supply for marine life like fish, turtles, and all manner of microorganisms needed for a healthy ocean.

Add to all of that, what farming a sustainable crop that ultimately does good for all gives to the community it is farmed in. Helping to pay for the education of the children of the Farmers, helping to provide an income stream that doesn't rely upon practices that damage our planet and harm the lives of others.

It's quite amazing when you stop to think about how your money moves through an economy and what it feeds as a part of your spending habits. Spend consciously.

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