Before Buying Sea Moss, Ask Your Seller About This...

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Where does your #seamoss come from? I don't mean which country, but which area? The variations from country to country can seem obvious, but when you think about the variations from area to area, well, that's a whole other thing. Think about this before you buy your next sea moss order online:

  • Has the quality of your sea moss been compromised by Ice-Ice?
  • Has it been grown in polluted waters where there are nasty chemicals, bacteria or pathogenic microorganisms?
  • Does the company you buy your sea moss through test for harmful substances and traces of things that could hurt you?
  • Do the Farmers monitor the waters to ensure their crops are safe?

Sea Moss can be impacted by changes in water temperature, light intensity and salinity levels, resulting in a disease called ‘Ice-Ice’.

This disease impacts on the yield in the crop harvest. This has a direct impact on the profitability of the farming in areas where Ice-Ice is prevalent. The prevalence of Ice-Ice can also reduce the nutritional value in your sea moss, and its overall usefulness as a food product.

What quality control measure do the companies and Farmers you get your sea moss through use? Are you being sold sea moss that has been compromised by Ice-Ice?

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