Doctor Sebi on Alkaline Foods and Alkalizing Diets

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You may have heard of Dr Sebi. And if you have, it is most likely in connection to the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet. Although there are some who firmly believe that there is insufficient evidence to the merit of alkalizing foods and the role they play, I'd like to leave it in your hands to decide for you rather than tell you there is or isn't.

What I do believe is that there are abundant benefits to be gained through a whole food plant based diet. And if you choose the types of foods that provide a basis for your body to function more efficiently, then that's all that really matters when it come to the food.

How you approach the food, and how you feel about eating the food at the time that you choose to take that energy into your body is a whole other discussion. So be kind to yourself, and enjoy the experiencing of the sense while you eat.

Alkalize your thoughts. Put as much effort and energy into this as you would to alkalizing your body. It all begins in the mind anyway.

Born Alfredo Darrington Bowman, the name Sebi was given to him later in life by one of his wives.

Doctor Sebi was much loved by people all over the world, and is still looked to today as a source of inspiration. Referred to some as the human embodiment of Ogun, or Ogoun (see Sebi is attributed with having brought gifts of wisdom that we are still to find medical and scientific proof of. Some would suggest that we haven't progressed to that stage in our evolution yet, and they may be right.

We have been applying elements of Doctor Sebi's teachings for much longer than I can recall, and have shared what we have learned and applied along the way. Sea moss being one of the more prominent additions to our diet, we have seen some amazing results in our own lives.

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