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The elevator pitch contest

Today I read the post from the wonderful @stoodkev where he asks for some video to promote steem.

Damn, I had enough other work on my desk, but I had to do something for him and all the great supporters like @blocktrades @c-squared @ocd and @theycallmedan as I met many of them during Steem-Fest4

And if @stoodkev calls, I hear the call and try to deliver.

So, here we go

It is all about the value of your content. Any content with at least some quality (yes, I love cats as well, but... come on) has a value and on many other social media networks, your content is just the fuel for the owner to make a fortune.

Do you know Steem  NO  Than give it a try!.png

My video

Enjoy a "un-shaved-DET" production after a long working day before having the beer from my #BeerCalendar.

This was recorded in one take but it was the forth try - as all other where more than one minute. ;-)

Your feedback please.

You know I love doing this and doing it even better is always a challenge.

Please let me know what you like, what not and what I missed out.

Have a great day
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Enjoy & Engage Follow & Resteem

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I like it, going with the people element, great idea, and it's true - such a great global network!

Fourth take, that's not too bad...

10.12.2019 18:10

The first was as well good. But after all cutting still 1.10 min.

Than I tried to use a faster play - to reduce the time, but „Mickey Mouse“ was the not wanted result.

10.12.2019 19:23

11.12.2019 07:50

lol - you should. maybe some statistic would be great....

11.12.2019 23:57

12.12.2019 17:11

Hello dear friend @detlev.

This contest seems like a great idea. Despite this I have seen little participation, few videos until now.

You were quite relaxed in your video even though you only had one minute you were not stressed because of that. Great job, I congratulate you.

You are right: I also enjoy the feeling of having it in my pocket, in my wallet.

All best, Piotr.

12.12.2019 03:23

Thanks for hearing my call ;)
Love your style ^^
For a pitch elevator though, your target should be a potential investor rather than content creators. Sorry if that wasn't clear from my post.

12.12.2019 14:03

Ohhh, that is a different Story.

What kind of Investor do you have in mind. As being a speaker and consultant for management, I may easily address this audience - whenever I know it. ;-)

12.12.2019 16:40

@detlev, It's difficult to put our journey in One Minute but you've done that really effectively. Stay blessed.

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13.12.2019 06:21

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