My experiences trading cards for Gods Unchained

For the past week or so I've been doing a lot of trading cards for Gods Unchained and would like to share my experiences with you.

First I'll be sharing some sites I've been using and explain how they work and what I think they're good at.

Cards Unchained

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Cards Unchained meta cards.png

By far one of the best tools when looking to buy or sell cards has been Cards Unchained.

If you want to find the price of a card all you need to do is type it up and you will see the lowest listed price on all of the major markets on the right hand side. Click the number and it will take you to a link to directly buy that card.

You can sort by the shine quality, but my only complaint with that is it's hard to directly compare the same marketplace's shine values. It's a bit more tedious to scroll across and keep looking back and forth between them.

One of the most interesting elements of the site is that is tracks "Hits" which I believe is when that card included in a deck wins a match. You can see overall popularity by selecting losing decks and starter decks as well. This is used in their "Trending" values, which is how much more or less that card has been used recently.


Screenshot_2019-12-07 Gods Unchained Card Rankings - GUDecks.png

GUDecks has many different parts to it, but when it comes to finding a card's value I believe that the Card Ranking's section is the most efficient.

You can very quickly see how some cards are doing in this particular meta. Down to how many matches it's been used in, how many decks it's used in, how many copies are run, the deck's win rate, and the estimated price.

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Gods Unchained Tier List - GUDecks.png

When it comes to identifying what's strong or weak in the current meta you also need to look at their God and God Powers tier list.

I feel like this is the best at finding what kinds of decks and God Powers are currently the most popular, as well as a few cards that they regularly run.

Screenshot_2019-12-07 Gods Unchained Top Decks - GUDecks.png

To get the best idea of the meta you need to look at specific decks though, and you can do that under their Top Decks tab. This will give you the best look at what kinds of decks in particular are winning the most often.


Screenshot_2019-12-07 TokenTrove - Pyramid Warden.png

By far the best place to buy and sell cards right now in my opinion is TokenTrove, the marketplace attached to GUDecks.

It's currently the most popular marketplace to buy and sell cards. So prices are typically going to be lowest there. Not always, but they tend to be.

A significant reason why it's so good is the graph when you select a card. It only shows when that card has been sold, as well as how much and how many were sold at the time. Unfortunately it only goes back a week without the option to increase the timeframe, but in most cases you only need to know the last week's sales.

The way it lists cards to buy is also very useful. You get to see a full index of what people have listed that card for. The Buy Multiple option is also good, but only when the suggested gas prices are what you want to buy at. Using MetaMask, when I change the gas prices manually it can run into errors and will only let me do that every other card.

Buying and Selling Tactics

I don't want to give away too many of my secrets here, but the basics of what I've been doing is going to Cards Unchained to look for good deals, and selling on other marketplaces to see if I can turn a profit.

If you're buying commons and rares be careful about the gas prices. They can fluctuate quite a bit and it will be very annoying if you try to buy a card with too low of a gas price since Etherium will only accept transactions one at a time. Typically I would suggest staying between 1.5-3 Gwei for gas.

I suggest keeping track of the total transaction cost you buy cards for and putting it in something like an Excel document. Then you'll know the minimum you need to sell the card for in order to make money.

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