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Daily horoscope for the day Apr 09, 2022


Apr 09, 2022



Mar 21 - Apr 20

  • Mood: Cautious
  • Lucky Time: 10pm
  • Description: A pat on the back from a superior is coming along soon, so why not start celebrating? Just don't overdo it. Going in late to work would be kind of self-defeating, wouldn't it?
  • Lucky Color: Navy Blue
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 57



Apr 21 - May 20

  • Mood: Lucky
  • Lucky Time: 12pm
  • Description: Does just one day really make a difference? You bet it does. You'll see just how much difference it makes now thanks to the efforts of a dear one to introduce you around. Don't refuse any offers. You never know!
  • Lucky Color: Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 16



May 21 - Jun 21

  • Mood: Truthful
  • Lucky Time: 12pm
  • Description: A certain cat is about to be let out of the bag -- and it won't stop there. Once the truth comes out, you'll need to talk about anything and everything -- even issues you thought you'd hide forever.
  • Lucky Color: Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 55



Jun 22 - Jul 22

  • Mood: Loved
  • Lucky Time: 2pm
  • Description: If you're attached, cancel your appointments and spend an affectionate day alone with your sweetie. If you're single, disregard that notice. Get dressed and get out there. Someone cute and smart as a whip is right around the corner.
  • Lucky Color: Blue
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 55



Jul 23 - Aug 22

  • Mood: Talkative
  • Lucky Time: 8pm
  • Description: Chatty? You? If you're not on the phone, sitting across from someone who can't believe how witty you are, or typing away madly -- well, it just wouldn't be right. Get busy communicating.
  • Lucky Color: Rose Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 29



Aug 23 - Sep 22

  • Mood: Patient
  • Lucky Time: 4am
  • Description: There's both an ending and a beginning on the agenda. Which comes first is entirely up to you, but if you're smart, you'll do things in order, patiently. And no one's ever accused you of not being smart.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 13



Sep 23 - Oct 22

  • Mood: Energetic
  • Lucky Time: 9am
  • Description: Okay, okay -- so you're a little tired, but try to hold off on going home just yet. That certain someone you've been dying to meet is finally in the vicinity. Rally your energy, and get out there.
  • Lucky Color: Navy Blue
  • Sign Compatability: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 31



Oct 23 - Nov 22

  • Mood: Successful
  • Lucky Time: 7am
  • Description: Agonizing over whether or not to take a relationship one step further? Agonize no longer. It's definitely time. That doesn't mean it will be easy, but if you dot your i's and cross your t's, you just can't fail.
  • Lucky Color: Spring Green
  • Sign Compatability: Aquarius
  • Lucky Number: 10



Nov 23 - Dec 21

  • Mood: Cool
  • Lucky Time: 6am
  • Description: Someone dear to you could make a rather big mistake now if they try to press you into making a commitment you're not ready for just yet. Don't buckle, and don't say anything you don't absolutely mean.
  • Lucky Color: Gold
  • Sign Compatability: Leo
  • Lucky Number: 88



Dec 22 - Jan 19

  • Mood: Warm
  • Lucky Time: 3pm
  • Description: You're due for a lavish display of affection from a dear one when you least expect it. Don't be modest. Smile proudly, accept the compliment or the sentiment and allow yourself to bask in the warmth. You've earned it.
  • Lucky Color: Blue
  • Sign Compatability: Taurus
  • Lucky Number: 34



Jan 20 - Feb 18

  • Mood: Energetic
  • Lucky Time: 11pm
  • Description: You're famous for your ability to attract stress, and you're probably feeling a bit of it now. Your best bet is to find a productive outlet for all that energy. Don't just sit. Tackle a tough project.
  • Lucky Color: Teal
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 9



Feb 19 - Mar 20

  • Mood: Pleasant
  • Lucky Time: 10pm
  • Description: Feel free to do some serious shopping -- with or without a chaperone -- because you'll do just fine. You'll even be able to find the real deal without much effort. Whoopee!
  • Lucky Color: Rose Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 76

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