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Daily horoscope for the day Apr 07, 2022


Apr 07, 2022



Mar 21 - Apr 20

  • Mood: Charming
  • Lucky Time: 4pm
  • Description: Someone who carries themselves like royalty is about to show up and make quite the grand entrance into your life. You're usually quite casual, but it wouldn't hurt to dress up just a touch.
  • Lucky Color: Spring Green
  • Sign Compatability: Taurus
  • Lucky Number: 85



Apr 21 - May 20

  • Mood: Attractive
  • Lucky Time: 10pm
  • Description: Expect to be the star of the show, no matter where you are. Sure it's hard to believe -- you, on center stage? -- but you can adapt. Keep the fans in mind. They're clamoring to see you.
  • Lucky Color: Silver
  • Sign Compatability: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 66



May 21 - Jun 21

  • Mood: Calm
  • Lucky Time: 7am
  • Description: A secret admirer may make their presence known in quite a charming fashion -- and you won't mind at all. If you're attached, however, better play down your utter delight -- it's fine to flirt a little, but don't go overboard!
  • Lucky Color: Orchid
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 82



Jun 22 - Jul 22

  • Mood: Responsible
  • Lucky Time: 8am
  • Description: Be ready to perform both on and off the job -- literally speaking. Someone will be drawn to your discipline and sense of responsibility, but they'll stay for the show. Oh, go ahead. You know you want to.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 6



Jul 23 - Aug 22

  • Mood: Confidence
  • Lucky Time: 1am
  • Description: Your gift of gab is already world-famous, but it's going to be even more potent now. Your natural talents as a word-wizard, puzzle-solver and great persuader will be tough to deny. And why would you try?
  • Lucky Color: Navy Blue
  • Sign Compatability: Aries
  • Lucky Number: 36



Aug 23 - Sep 22

  • Mood: Confidence
  • Lucky Time: 3am
  • Description: You're about to take center stage with regard to your friends -- mostly because they want you there. Hey -- it's your natural place now. Smile pretty, and be tolerant of the media.
  • Lucky Color: Gold
  • Sign Compatability: Capricorn
  • Lucky Number: 5



Sep 23 - Oct 22

  • Mood: Sweet
  • Lucky Time: 7am
  • Description: The fun that started last night isn't going anywhere just yet. You may even be due for an encounter with someone who possesses that movie-star quality you've just recently come to love.
  • Lucky Color: Red
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 85



Oct 23 - Nov 22

  • Mood: Relieved
  • Lucky Time: 12pm
  • Description: You have some unfiltered emoting to do -- and you really shouldn't apologize for even one word. Your specialty is feelings, after all. Why would you want to stifle them?
  • Lucky Color: Yellow
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 6



Nov 23 - Dec 21

  • Mood: Cautious
  • Lucky Time: 3am
  • Description: Don't say or do anything you don't want the entire world to know about, because it won't be easy to keep any secret now. Be careful, be discreet and think about consequences.
  • Lucky Color: Purple
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 83



Dec 22 - Jan 19

  • Mood: Relieved
  • Lucky Time: 4pm
  • Description: Don't worry about that turbulence lasting for long no matter how mad you are at the time. By nightfall, you'll be ready to raise your glass and let bygones be bygones.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Aquarius
  • Lucky Number: 66



Jan 20 - Feb 18

  • Mood: Playful
  • Lucky Time: 12pm
  • Description: You're cut out for quite a fun, lively and interesting evening, even if you spend it at home. You'll only be alone if you really want to be -- which you probably won't.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Aries
  • Lucky Number: 85



Feb 19 - Mar 20

  • Mood: Charming
  • Lucky Time: 12am
  • Description: After days of hiding out -- or at least seeming to, according to your fans -- you're ready to come out and face the world. Great. Now prepare yourself. They're going to want you to do some 'splaining.
  • Lucky Color: Spring Green
  • Sign Compatability: Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number: 38

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