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Daily horoscope for the day Mar 30, 2022


Mar 30, 2022



Mar 21 - Apr 20

  • Mood: Curious
  • Lucky Time: 11pm
  • Description: Chatty? Fun? Oh, yes. You'll be the life of the party -- even more than usual, that is. You'll also be in the mood to meet new, interesting individuals. And you won't have to look far to find them.
  • Lucky Color: Rose Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number: 29



Apr 21 - May 20

  • Mood: Brave
  • Lucky Time: 2am
  • Description: Today's cosmic menu features a veritable buffet of possibilities -- and in your case, every one of them is positive and maybe even romantic. No hiding out with a book, no matter how much you're dying to read it.
  • Lucky Color: Orchid
  • Sign Compatability: Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number: 68



May 21 - Jun 21

  • Mood: Surprised
  • Lucky Time: 5am
  • Description: Do you like surprises? Well, get ready because there's a surprise en route -- a really nice one. Someone who's not quite from your neck of the woods will be in contact to elaborate further.
  • Lucky Color: Copper
  • Sign Compatability: Aries
  • Lucky Number: 81



Jun 22 - Jul 22

  • Mood: Accomplished
  • Lucky Time: 2am
  • Description: Making your world beautiful will be at the top of your list -- but getting your work done should be a priority, too. Sure, you can afford to shop now. Just be sure next week's check is in the bag first.
  • Lucky Color: Silver
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 78



Jul 23 - Aug 22

  • Mood: Confidence
  • Lucky Time: 11pm
  • Description: Outwardly, you're oozing confidence from every pore, concerned only with your career, responsibilities and reputation. On the inside, however, your feelings are threatening to take over. Try to find a balance.
  • Lucky Color: Brown
  • Sign Compatability: Gemini
  • Lucky Number: 65



Aug 23 - Sep 22

  • Mood: Fun
  • Lucky Time: 10am
  • Description: All your encounters will go well -- especially if you're in the vicinity of kids or people with fresh, young attitudes -- oh, or a sweetie. Basically, you need to have fun now, and lots of it.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Libra
  • Lucky Number: 31



Sep 23 - Oct 22

  • Mood: Friendly
  • Lucky Time: 2am
  • Description: Pay very special attention to anyone and everyone who crosses your path. It may not seem like it, but they're going to play an important role in your life for some time to come. Smile pretty!
  • Lucky Color: Copper
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 15



Oct 23 - Nov 22

  • Mood: Sweet
  • Lucky Time: 6am
  • Description: You'll be doing lots of chatting for a couple of days -- most of it to faraway loved ones. If you don't have extra minutes or a good long-distance plan, better invest in one now. And there's always email.
  • Lucky Color: Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Libra
  • Lucky Number: 91



Nov 23 - Dec 21

  • Mood: Accomplished
  • Lucky Time: 11pm
  • Description: Open up those doors and prepare for lots of company -- once you're done with your work, of course. You may need to do a bit of juggling to work it all into your schedule, but you can definitely handle it.
  • Lucky Color: Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Capricorn
  • Lucky Number: 91



Dec 22 - Jan 19

  • Mood: Mellow
  • Lucky Time: 7am
  • Description: No one knows quite as well as you do that passion has two faces. You'll be seeing them both now, and dealing with them will be tricky. Fortunately, this is your official area of astrological expertise.
  • Lucky Color: Teal
  • Sign Compatability: Taurus
  • Lucky Number: 82



Jan 20 - Feb 18

  • Mood: Joyful
  • Lucky Time: 6am
  • Description: It's going to be a warm, wonderful day. If you're smart, you'll surround yourself with those who love you, and make sure they know just how mutual the feelings are.
  • Lucky Color: Orchid
  • Sign Compatability: Taurus
  • Lucky Number: 51



Feb 19 - Mar 20

  • Mood: Talkative
  • Lucky Time: 4pm
  • Description: You'll be wearing your heart on your sleeve for the next few days -- and doing quite a bit of chatting, too. Expect a long-distance call that will bring along some lovely changes.
  • Lucky Color: Silver
  • Sign Compatability: Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number: 35

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