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Daily horoscope for the day Jan 07, 2022


Jan 07, 2022



Mar 21 - Apr 20

  • Mood: Relaxed
  • Lucky Time: 12pm
  • Description: Wrap up your unfinished business early in the day. Soon it will be time for some serious loafing. When your energy turns to mellow, you'd much rather be relaxing with friends.
  • Lucky Color: Purple
  • Sign Compatability: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 5



Apr 21 - May 20

  • Mood: Creative
  • Lucky Time: 11am
  • Description: You won't refuse any new adventure -- even if your assistant forgot to remind you or you didn't put it in your PDA. Don't fight it. How often do you feel this way?
  • Lucky Color: Shadow Black
  • Sign Compatability: Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number: 49



May 21 - Jun 21

  • Mood: Successful
  • Lucky Time: 2pm
  • Description: Fate hands you another chance, and boy, are you happy to have it. This time you'll do everything that you wished you'd done last time. Get ready to celebrate the results.
  • Lucky Color: Yellow
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 10



Jun 22 - Jul 22

  • Mood: Cherishing
  • Lucky Time: 4pm
  • Description: An unexpected phone call or tap at the door may be from someone you've really missed. If you can't wait, be bold. Be brave. Make the first move yourself.
  • Lucky Color: Red
  • Sign Compatability: Aquarius
  • Lucky Number: 51



Jul 23 - Aug 22

  • Mood: Relaxed
  • Lucky Time: 2pm
  • Description: It's time for lighthearted fun -- which is just what the doctor ordered, isn't it? Don't try to plan things out too carefully. Just let go and enjoy the moment.
  • Lucky Color: Copper
  • Sign Compatability: Aquarius
  • Lucky Number: 62



Aug 23 - Sep 22

  • Mood: Mellow
  • Lucky Time: 7am
  • Description: Cooler heads will soon prevail, but yours may not be among them unless you take immediate steps. Try a little emotional detachment as a side dish to any righteous indignation -- it'll help things go down easier.
  • Lucky Color: Orchid
  • Sign Compatability: Leo
  • Lucky Number: 17



Sep 23 - Oct 22

  • Mood: Warm
  • Lucky Time: 6pm
  • Description: You're the happy recipient of hugs, love notes and tender embraces -- when you least expect them. Bring it on! Revel in it. It's your turn.
  • Lucky Color: Copper
  • Sign Compatability: Taurus
  • Lucky Number: 59



Oct 23 - Nov 22

  • Mood: Pleasant
  • Lucky Time: 10am
  • Description: Short trips and lighthearted chatter will suit you just fine -- and if you happen to have company who's classy enough to appreciate your charm, so much the better.
  • Lucky Color: Teal
  • Sign Compatability: Gemini
  • Lucky Number: 18



Nov 23 - Dec 21

  • Mood: Creative
  • Lucky Time: 2am
  • Description: Usually you're all about being sensible, but right now it's all about the senses. Go out and exercise your heightened appreciation of, well, just about everything.
  • Lucky Color: Orchid
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 2



Dec 22 - Jan 19

  • Mood: Calm
  • Lucky Time: 5am
  • Description: You're ready to believe that anything is possible -- but at this moment in time, you might just be right. Let the universe take control of the steering wheel.
  • Lucky Color: Spring Green
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 9



Jan 20 - Feb 18

  • Mood: Grateful
  • Lucky Time: 7pm
  • Description: Hidden obligations wiggle their way into your schedule. Don't worry -- you can parcel some of this load out. Make sure to thank your friends nicely after everything is taken care of.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 60



Feb 19 - Mar 20

  • Mood: Relaxed
  • Lucky Time: 9pm
  • Description: A wonderful optimism will totally dispel any leftover tension from the past few days, leaving you with only one thought: Is it okay to pretend it's Saturday night again?
  • Lucky Color: Purple
  • Sign Compatability: Gemini
  • Lucky Number: 61

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