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Daily horoscope for the day Jan 05, 2022


Jan 05, 2022



Mar 21 - Apr 20

  • Mood: Calm
  • Lucky Time: 2am
  • Description: Once again, you're placed in the simply awful, just intolerable position of being the star of the show -- possibly for several days. Oh, bear up -- and try not to be smug.
  • Lucky Color: Rose Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 47



Apr 21 - May 20

  • Mood: Thoughtful
  • Lucky Time: 8pm
  • Description: Personal matters are your focus now, which means you'll be reviewing your reasons for settling down -- or not -- and making peace with it all. Don't be shy.
  • Lucky Color: Purple
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 57



May 21 - Jun 21

  • Mood: Creative
  • Lucky Time: 8am
  • Description: You'll be especially creative when it comes to linking your moneymaking abilities with your career aspirations -- and it's going to make you quite persuasive.
  • Lucky Color: Teal
  • Sign Compatability: Cancer
  • Lucky Number: 50



Jun 22 - Jul 22

  • Mood: Truthful
  • Lucky Time: 2am
  • Description: If you're thinking of making a change in your work or career status, and wondering what the 'higher-ups' might think about it, don't be shy. Speak your mind.
  • Lucky Color: Gold
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 22



Jul 23 - Aug 22

  • Mood: Surprised
  • Lucky Time: 4pm
  • Description: Your routine -- one of the things you love best -- may be disrupted by short trips or errands you hadn't counted upon, but you may meet someone you ordinarily wouldn't have.
  • Lucky Color: Peach
  • Sign Compatability: Aries
  • Lucky Number: 66



Aug 23 - Sep 22

  • Mood: Collaborative
  • Lucky Time: 12am
  • Description: Everyone -- your partner included -- will be operating on a more intense frequency than they usually are. The good news is that they'll finally be on your frequency.
  • Lucky Color: Pink
  • Sign Compatability: Gemini
  • Lucky Number: 47



Sep 23 - Oct 22

  • Mood: Confidence
  • Lucky Time: 7am
  • Description: You're riding on a solid guarantee. Let confidence carry you through this situation. If anyone has any questions, you'll answer them calmly and coolly.
  • Lucky Color: Orchid
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 74



Oct 23 - Nov 22

  • Mood: Patient
  • Lucky Time: 4pm
  • Description: One last day of intensity, and then it's time to have some fun. Hang in there -- no matter what the universe decides to toss your way for a final answer.
  • Lucky Color: Spring Green
  • Sign Compatability: Pisces
  • Lucky Number: 32



Nov 23 - Dec 21

  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Lucky Time: 1pm
  • Description: No matter how fair the vote, someone might go away dissatisfied. Well, if all people were the same, life would be boringly smooth. Anyone who didn't like the results of this round will have their chance at winning on the next one.
  • Lucky Color: Gold
  • Sign Compatability: Gemini
  • Lucky Number: 78



Dec 22 - Jan 19

  • Mood: Generous
  • Lucky Time: 9pm
  • Description: It's tempting to snip off a little bit extra and slide it into your wallet. Fortunately, you're above those kind of temptations, especially when you see a friend in need. Sharing saves the day once again!
  • Lucky Color: Copper
  • Sign Compatability: Aries
  • Lucky Number: 14



Jan 20 - Feb 18

  • Mood: Creative
  • Lucky Time: 11am
  • Description: Time to get creative with leftovers -- metaphorically and literally. Can you make a beautiful soup out of these scraps? Or maybe a new dish someone's never heard of at all?
  • Lucky Color: Navy Blue
  • Sign Compatability: Scorpio
  • Lucky Number: 27



Feb 19 - Mar 20

  • Mood: Cautious
  • Lucky Time: 9am
  • Description: It looks like someone is trying to make you deal with teeny, weeny, picky things that you really wouldn't otherwise think twice about. Don't let them get you.
  • Lucky Color: Orange
  • Sign Compatability: Virgo
  • Lucky Number: 68

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