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Good morning everyone, Today is another day lets get the sports update going. Still on the Neymar transfer Saga. Will he still move from PSG? Now the news which is spreading from the coach if PSG is start if Neymar is going to leave PSG then there must be someone to that his position because Neymar can’t leave the team with anyone taking his position. Neymar couldn’t play yesterday match because he is still on his recovery process from the the injury he had last season and he is now recovering. But if anything will come for Neymar they should bring a replacement. Neymar has not also started his training so he cant be fixed in matches now so he should be out. We lost our match due to some small mistakes and some small chances we didn’t take. Because the lack of Neymar in out team we lack the speed in our team because during the match we had alot of wide space but we didn’t have anyone to do the running at that position to get those chances but if Neymar was to be in the game we would have make good use of that. Lets now move to England and to Manchester United. There was also a transfer news that Paul Pogba will be moving to Real Madrid or he will go back to his formal team Juventus. The coach of Manchester United has answered the question that Paul is going to be at Manchester United and there is no move for Paul Pogba. There has been a lot of rumors going on that Paul Pogba doesn’t enjoy his time at Manchester but what Paul says always is that he really enjoy playing at Manchester United so there is no exit for Paul Pogba but he will continue to be at Manchester United. Thank you for your time have a great week bless up.

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