Steeming Community Contest, week #03. An open letter to my friend,steemit by @desiigner

Hello everyone,
I haven’t written a letter in like years and it feels good to be here today to express my gratitude and friendship to steemit.

To the most wonderful blog chain steemit,
It still feels like yesterday since when I joined Steemit , I had heard of steemit for a while but I had a little knowledge about it until I seeker from @farhmade and @njaywan and thanks to them I learned a lot and I’ve been learning more since I joined. I still remember my first post as a newcomer in the Achievement1 task in the @newcomerscommunity with some small guidance I was able to complete my achievement1 task and it was verified. I joined a lot of communities ; @worldoffootball, @steemghana,@Zerotoinfinity,@steemschools, @Steemsports and many more I can’t mention all, I subsequently then did my achievement2 and achievement3 task by myself, I had posted a lot of dairy games by then sharing my daily activities to steemit I participated in a few contests and I got rewards.Steem has done a lot for me in these past weeks since I joined and I’ve learned a lot, so I always try to share everything I do with Steem, my daily activities, charity ,vacation, hobbies , happiness and also troubles, today I want to share with you some charity I did along with my friends who happen to be members of Steem and @Steemghana.

Steemit has done a very good job in lifting me up and changing my life so with the little I get from steemit ,I have to help lift the less privileged as the saying

”you rise by lifting others”

I’ve always had a dream of making a difference wherever I find myself and for the first time in my life I felt like I’m a step towards that dream.

On the 12th of May this year, we the members of steem ghana based in Tamale decided make a little donation to the Orphanage here at Nyhohini, Tamale in the northern region of Ghana which was motivated by the eid-ul fitr celebrations of Muslims around the world , our aims was to put a smile on their faces as they celebrate the eid.
being an orphan is very tragic and sorrowful , I losty father less than 2 months ago , but I’m thankful to Allah because I’m grownup and I had the chance to meet my parents, those kids at the orphanage didn’t have the chance I had , most of them didn’t know who their parents were, some were dumped on the streets , some were victims of child abuse,criminal custody and war fronts.

As John Bunyan said-:

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Here are the items that were purchased for the donation

Category Items prizes (Ghc)
Foodstuffs Rice (25kg) 180.00
Foodstuffs oil 97.00
Foodstuffs Tomatoes. 35.00
Drinks Apple drink 100.00
Drinks Coca Cola 95.00
Drinks tamarinda 100.00
Drinks planet 75.00

I must commend the efforts and hardwork of @farhmade who is based in Tamale and made sure everything was in order including the collection of the various contributions from members.

The various items were bought beforehand so as we wouldn’t miss out anything when it was time for the donation.

Buying of items



We had already decided on when to go for the donation so when it was time we all decided to meet at the children’s home/ orphanage.

Arrival at the children’s home




We met with the caretaker /manager of the orphanage and made our donation and she showed so much appreciation.



Afterwards we were taken round the orphanage.




After this successful event, everyone then departed to the various households very excited about the good work done And we look forward to carrying out a similar exercise.

I want to take this opportunity to invite @zology69 , @abdulkahargunu and @mrmoney7 to this exciting contest.

A big thank you to @farhmade , @rubilu123, @abu78,@roma078, @kasib07 @humble and all thiose who were part of this good endeavor.

I want to thank @fabio2614 and the @steemingcommunity for this opportunity to express my friendship with steemit.

Thank you all for reading

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Thanks for participating.

21.05.2021 18:14

Good post boy, thank you for do community with us

onepercent #twopercent #affable

21.05.2021 18:18

Thank you very much

21.05.2021 20:26

Hello @desiigner, what's up? I stop by to inform you that I have suggested your post to the community support program , whose support is directed by the #booming team. Remember that we are not the curators, but the ones who suggest. Hence, I wish you good luck on this. Keep up with the good work. If you haven't, check out the Steeming Community Important Announcements post.

I'll also leave you a post here about how to delegate your Steem Power to Steemingcuration, an also a post about how to join Steemingcuration Community Trail, in case you want to provide more support to the community. If you want to join our Discord server to be more in contact with us, here I leave the link in the same way. Greetings and success for you. Remember you have to attribute 30% of the post rewards to @steemingcuration account.

21.05.2021 18:28

Thank you very much

21.05.2021 18:44

wow desiigner ,you did make a difference. You've done great things!

Your entry to the contest has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

22.05.2021 00:05

Thank you very much

22.05.2021 00:38