Zb Exchange adjust the leverage multiple trading pairs in margin trade

Dear users,
In order to satisfy user's need for Margin trading, ZB.com will adjust the leverage multiples of some trading pairs inmargin trading market.
On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of ZB.com,we will launch a margin trading activity for high leverage multiples borrowing at16:00 on July 2, 2020(GMT+8). During the event, users who borrow thecorresponding currency and the borrowed currency exceeds the interest capmultiples, the interest exceeding the interest cap multiples will not becounted. The details are as follows:

Trading PairsTrading PairsInterest Cap Multiples
Max Borrow


Max Borrow
(USDT/QC)BTC/QC5340 BTC1000000 QCBTC/USDT5340 BTC140000 USDTETH/QC531000 ETH1000000 QCETH/USDT531000 ETH140000 USDTEOS/QC5360000 EOS1000000 QCEOS/USDT5360000 EOS140000 USDTUSDT/QC1510500000 USDT5000000 QC

For example, users who have 1 BTC can borrow a maximum of 4 BTC, when borrowing 3 BTC and 4 BTC, only 2 BTC of interest will be calculated, and the excess of 2 BTC is not charged interest(the same is borrowing QC beyond the capped portion).
In addition, a new margin trading pair BCH/QC is added. The details are as follows:
Trading PairsLeverage Multiples
Max Borrow
Max Borrow
(USDT/QC)BCH/QC3500 BCH1000000 QC

Thank you for your support.

ZB Global Team
July 1, 2020

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