The term BHTX is coined from the first four Chinese letter (bi huan tian xia) which simply
signifies how to exchange the universe with BHTX tokens. This means you can get the whole
thing you want anywhere you are through the use of BHTX tokens in BHTX store. This is easily
done through the use of THREE BODY APP created by the team. The project is based in Jinan, Shan dong province in China. Powered by President Yifan Zhao. Though, there is no English version of BHTX APP and Three body presently, below are little explanation about the project.
The BHTX blockchain is a decentralized data asset exchange platform which brings both the
real world merchants, app developers, users and buyers together with the access to publish and freely use the resources owned by each other and applications. Here, permission are given to everyone to efficiently maximize and explore the best opportunity the project is offering in the THREE BODY through BHTX TOKEN use of three body app.
The idea behind the three-body connection platform is coin-for-world innovation which
fundamentally solves the problem of commodity circulation of entity merchants. Here, Blockchain intelligent contract is used to construct a new industrial ecosystem of blockchain +entity, establishing trust and transferring value between entity enterprises, blockchain technology and blockchain users.
Steps to explore the three body and benefits attached to it?
Basically, there are four steps in three body. These steps are to be taken one after the other to fully explore the motive of its existence. These steps are explain below.

  1. COMMODITY VOTING: Commodities will be voted to show love and persion about them by
    the members. The community may agree or disagree on the commodity listing. This determines whether the merchants would stock and sell the commodity in the app store or not. The product will be listed if the votes exceed 51%.
  2. CROWD FUNDING: Once a product is able to get above 51% of the total votes, then, online
    crowd-funding follows. With the feature of decentralized and distributed bookkeeping of
    blockchain, the company or merchants who owns the product will reach an agreement with
    BHTX platform on the chain to generate a unique ETH intelligent contract address for
    crowdfunding. This is neither owned by the platform nor controlled by the company or merchant who owns the product.
    This gives all community members access to participate in the crowd funding through the use of BHTX tokens. Interested members will transfer BHTX tokens to the smart contract address through the imtoken, trust wallet, upwallet or erc20 wallet.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Transfer of BHTX from ZBG or MCX exchange account to the smart contract address will lead to reduction of token.
All transfer transactions are easily accessible through the blockchain browser https://etherscan.io/.
After crowd-funding, all BHTX tokens will be returned to the participants wallet at the end of the project replacement. This is done to restore the trust members have in the platform and

  1. THE REPLACEMENT PHASE: This is the product buying period in BHTX App Store. That is: the exchange of the product with BHTX token. Note: This is temporarily available for Chinese mainland customers and the mailing fee is included in the price. It will soon be available for all members across the globe.
    The most important thing to note in this phase is the launch cycle of each product which is
    between 7 to 10 days for all products participating in the Plan Stars and the merchant must provide a guaranteed return and replacement service. ( Temporarily only in China mainland) According to Taobao.com shopping rules which states that consumers/merchants are liable to return and replace any product of discontent within 7 days of purchase.
    Then, after the completion of the crowd funding, the smart contract will start the replacement automatically. All members can exchange BHTX for products in the mall of BHTX app.
  2. PROFIT SETTLEMENT: The most suitable part of the process is the profit sharing at the end
    of replacement. The smart contract automatically performs profit settlement regardless of what the replacement result is.
    Benefits of BHTX and Three body app.
    All participants will benefit from this project. That is: both the users, buyers and merchants will find the app and BHTX useful as stated below.
  3. All products listed in the App store will sell
  4. Buyers will have their best products listed in the market.
  5. Seller will make profits from the sale of the products due to lots of sales across the globe.
  6. Members will gain from the project through the purchase of BHTX Token.
  7. Participants will gain through crowdfunding.
  8. Customers will buy products at a cheaper rate.
  9. Both customers and merchants are protected.
  10. Merchants are recognized globally.
  11. As a BHTX Token holder, you will gain alot as the price of the token increases.
  12. You can buy products through ZBG and MCX exchange and exchange them in BHTX App.
    BHTX is currently available in two exchange. They are www.zbg.com and www.mxc.com
    Download our three body app here https://app.bhtx.me/fenfa2/app_download.html
    Unfortunately, the English version of this app is not yet ready at the time of writing this article
    but you can download both the iOS and Android Chinese version.
    Follow the steps below for easy sign up.
    Download the app by clicking the link above. Install and launch it as shown below.


No 1 is the home page
No 2 display the percentage interest level on BHTX Token. No 3, 4 and five display the items in
the market.
The top two menus up here labelled "A" indicates home and "B" indicates login. This is shown below here


No 1 is the home page
No 2 display the percentage interest level on BHTX Token. No 3, 4 and five display the items in
the market.
The top two menus up here labelled "A" indicates home and "B" indicates login. This is shown below here


Click on "B" and it will take you to another page where you can login. There are many menus
here but we are focusing on one which labelled "S" the sign up menu. See the picture below



No. 1 indicates access point. Fill in alpha numeric codes below as the access point.

No. 2 is your ERC20 Wallet address. Fill in your imtoken, trust wallet, upwallet or ERC20 Wallet
address. That is; Fill your ETH wallet address

  1. Your password. Fill in your password
  2. Re enter your password again.
  3. Save the private key. Then you are done!
    You can get more of this topic in our medium page @
    Also in our telegram group

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