My California - Rubio Canyon

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For this weeks Show Us Your California contest by @socalsteemit I head up into the San Gabriel mountains to explore...

Rubio Canyon!!

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Rubio canyon is a lush yet rugged, waterfall filled canyon in the San Gabriel mountains above Pasadena . And to make it even cooler it still has lots of historical stuff from the old Mt. Lowe railway days. So I was telling my buddy Tyler all about it and we decided to make a trip up there! Tyler and I drove out to Altadena. We left one truck at the Echo mountain trailhead at the Cobb Estate at the top of Lake avenue, and then drove the other truck over to to the mouth of Rubio canyon. We parked and then started hiking up the canyon passed the ruins of the old Rubio Pavillion to the first of the many waterfalls. Ribbonrock falls! From there we climbed around Ribbonrock to Grand Chasm falls and then climbed up the left side of the canyon to get a view of Lodged Boulder falls and the impressive narrow gorge above it.

Ribbonrock falls

Selfie at Grand Chasm falls

Overlooking Lodged Boulder falls

From there we had to turn around and climb back down the falls to the high trail that bypasses the gorge. It's a rough steep trail. But Tyler and I love this kinda stuff! We stopped for a break at the lookout over Thalehaha falls and then continued making our way up the trail. Then we got to the ropes where we had to descend back down into the upper part of the canyon just below Leontine falls. We got down the ropes and then climbed up to Leontine just in time to get to watch a group of canyoneers rappel down the falls!

Thalehaha falls overlook

On the high trail to Leontine falls

Descending the ropes

Watching the canyoneers rappel Leontine falls
Watching a canyoneer get soaked on Leontine falls

From there we explored a little ways up the canyon and then started to climb out of the canyon and onto the east side of Echo mountain. We climbed steeply up through lots of brush occasionally getting some great views overlooking the canyon. Eventually we got up to the top and joined the many... many people on top who had come up the main trail.

Exploring the upper canyon

Some mystery ruins in the upper canyon

Starting to climb out of the canyon

We checked out the Echo Mountain House ruins and enjoyed the awesome views overlooking the city. Then we cleaned up a bunch of trash that had been left by some litterbugs before hiking down the main Echo Mountain trail to the trailhead at the Cobb Estate where we had left the truck.

Echo mountain house ruins

Views from Echo mountain

More Echo mountain ruins

The trailhead at the Cobb estate

rubio map.png
Map(click to enlarge)

Until next time...

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into

My California!!

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_all photos by @derekrichardson_
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Those views from the top are breathtaking

23.02.2020 04:47

Yep, Echo mountain has the best view overlooking Pasadena and Los Angeles!

23.02.2020 22:34

It must be quite the sight to behold! Although, admittedly... our views here in the Cape are not exactly crappy haha!

24.02.2020 09:22

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23.02.2020 09:43

Whoa! I have been there for canyoneering. When I went there was no water flowing, though. It looks like lots of fun to rappel down the waterfall.

23.02.2020 17:29

It looked like a lot of fun. They were getting totally soaked in Leontine falls!

23.02.2020 22:36

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