My California - Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort


For this weeks Show Us Your California contest by @socalsteemit I head up into the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains with my Mom for a fun week of skiing and snowboarding at...

Mammoth Mountain!!

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When winter comes to California and our mountains start getting covered in snow, it's time to pull out the snowboard and hit the slopes! One of my favorite ski resorts here in California is Mammoth Mountain! For this trip I met up with my mom(@doverland) and we made the drive up Route 395 to the town of Mammoth Lakes. After the drive we spent the evening getting settled into the condo, and then spent the rest of the week hitting the slopes! Starting early and ending late, going hard all day. At the end of each day we would be exhausted, but then every morning we felt reenergized and ready to do it all again!

Pre opening time at Canyon lodge
Mom on the top
Views from the McCoy station midway up the mountain
Views from riding the Gondola
Selfie on the top
Black Diamonds are my favorite
Lunchtime at Canyon lodge
Views from Lincoln peak

After a few days some other people were coming to stay in the condo (they had already booked those days before us) so we had to pack up and get out. But we weren't done yet so we got a room at the local Motel 6 which was actually quite nice. We had to eat out since we didn't have our own kitchen, but otherwise it was perfect. We continued to hit the slopes hard the next few days and finished up the week strong, wrapping up another awesome trip to Mammoth!!

Chair 3
Hanging out in the trees
Selfie in the trees
Mammoth Trail Map
(click to enlarge)

Until next time...

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into

My California!!

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_all photos by @derekrichardson_
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27.01.2020 18:57

Hi derek great trip and sunny aswell, I will leave for Austria in a few days. But i see you without helmet thats is a rule here when skiing and snowboarding

27.01.2020 18:59

I bet you are gonna have such a blast skiing in Austria! Most people wear helmets here, but it's not a rule. I have a helmet, and my mom is always trying to get me to wear it. But I think it's uncomfortable and I almost never fall anyway. But I know it's the safe thing to do, so I probably just need to buy a better, more comfy one.

27.01.2020 19:24

I wish I had a choice Hahahah but I got a nice one

27.01.2020 19:26

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28.01.2020 18:34

Thank you @steemitworldmap!

29.01.2020 02:45

Nice man, looks like a great day.

29.01.2020 02:46

Yep. It was a great trip!

30.01.2020 15:16

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