Moving to hive

Fuck you Justin, we're moving to Hive.

Fuck Justin Sun

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07.01.2020 16:59
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07.01.2020 17:01

I want to see Titus with an actual potato. It’s good to see he knows who is boss around the house 😉

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07.01.2020 18:13

I let him think he is the boss. And I didn’t want to run around outside in the snow early in the morning.

07.01.2020 19:16

Cool dog! :)

07.01.2020 19:50

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07.01.2020 22:02

TITUS is such a handsome boy ___ OMG

Just so super handsome like, AMAZING

08.01.2020 04:04

Beautiful dog.

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08.01.2020 06:35

Aw, I love Huskies and Malamutes. My favourite dog ever (shh.. don't tell my current lab) was a pure white Siberian Husky. Beautiful dogs.

08.01.2020 21:48

What a beautiful dog he is! Looks like he's just really enjoying his natural element!

Bright Blessings!

10.01.2020 03:22

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10.01.2020 17:18