Solar Robot - Robot Kit with Solar Technology for kids 8 years and older

Solar Robot

Robot Kit with Solar Technology for kids 8 years and older


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Through the easy to understand instructions, children from the age of 8 can build their own robot powered by solar energy. The children learn to handle solar energy, because no batteries are necessary. Creativity is encouraged and there are no limits to the imagination, because the robot can be used to build a dinosaur, monster and much more with everyday objects. The kit contains all necessary components to build a solar powered robot.


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18.08.2019 15:12

This is a really neat robot. It can teach kids about solar energy and robots. Awesome! Nice hunt

19.08.2019 00:50

Great and innovative find. Solar energy very useful now a days. This robot helps our kids to learn solar energy very easily. Solar energy save's our electricity and money. Learning products very good for kids future.

19.08.2019 07:13

That's a really great innovation for kids. Though the design of this robot is not very eye-catchy. I'm sure kids will love to play with this. And solar-powered toys are always appreciable. Nice find!

19.08.2019 11:45


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19.08.2019 15:23

Hello welcome@depot69 your post is king of technology catagery .solor energy is very useful . thanks for this information . So love you depot69

21.08.2019 11:26