Late Night Ramble: On Fear, Scarcity, Greed and Envy...

What does it take to make a difference? What does it take to make the world a better place?

Does the world even want to be a better place?


Sometimes I just sit and watch the datastream go by and I wonder to myself how people can be so mean to each other, and so destructive, and so jealous and violent.

What causes us to behave like this?

Is it greed? Is it envy? Is it fear? More specifically, is it the fear of not having whatever it is you believe you need? Or is it the fear that we are somehow ”less than” if we don’t have what our neighbor has, even if we don’t necessarily want what our neighbor has?

Do people even know what they ”need?” Or are we simply caught in an infinite loop of pursuing things we have convinced ourselves we want without really considering whether we need them?


The world seems to run on the fear associated with scarcity. Or rather, the fear that scarcity exists, even in the many cases where scarcity actually isn't the issue.

But what is it we are afraid of being without? Having personally been homeless, I can certainly appreciate a concern when it comes down to the hard situation have not knowing where your next meal is going to come from, or whether you will have shelter tonight.

But most of the people who live in fear are not anywhere close to that edge.

What is the ”fear” associated with not having the newest kind of trainers, just because all your friends have them? Why are we even in a contest over who has the hottest brand of trainers? What sort of reality is that? Isn’t it enough to simply be grateful that we have a functioning and relatively new pair of trainers?


The world so often centers itself on whatever fear it can create in our egos. We're more obsessed with being ”cool” or ”strong” or ”powerful” or ”admired” or ”influential” than with merely being content and at peace. I look within, and I can't remember ever being particularly concerned about "doing without" anything more than the essential basics of survival.

Of course, I am always open to the possibility that I am missing the entire point of being human!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

How about YOU? Do you see the difference between "want" and "need?" Do you think people CARE about making the world a better place? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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Some interesting thoughts. I also wonder sometimes how people could be so mean and so hateful. I can´t understand, because my heart is too peaceful. I hope we can create a better world, we have these big chance. It´s a big process I know, because there are so many things to heal, but it´s not impossible. Everyone is a big part for changing the world, it begins with healing your thoughts and emotions.

08.05.2021 07:39

Menurut saya keinginan dan kebutuhan adalah dua hal yang hampir sama, namun yang kita perlukan dalam kehidupan ini adalah kebutuhan,kalau berbicara keinginan manusia punya segudang keinginan tapi kebutuhan pada hari ini itu lebih di utamakan, kejarlah apa yang anda butuhkan, bukan yang anda inginkan karena Tuhan tidak memberikan apa yang kita inginkan tapi Tuhan selalu memberikan yang kita butuhkan.hanya sekitar, terimakasih

09.05.2021 11:28

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