Coprinus mushroom

A few weeks ago, while it was fine and warm and at the same time, three coprinus mushrooms were sprouting up, I was one to like
painted her dream from ipod downwards to her armor that fine to eat what looks like alive on a tree in nature

so little did I get to paint, and the top of the hat was sunlight, barely passing through the bushes and treetops as the sun sets and extinguishes the day, so it includes dark, light darkness overlooking the stars
as on steemit so far the text and the photo is mine.

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Cool prospective !

24.01.2020 13:21

Ahhh its melting.

24.01.2020 13:45

Haha cool shot! A photobombed selfie :D

24.01.2020 16:33

and I like what a sympathetic perspective looks like

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29.01.2020 22:09