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Bitcoin (BTC) set the ball rolling for digital assets otherwise called cryptocurrencies. There have been thousands of alternative coins (altcoins) that subsequently launched soon after, thereby bringing the number of crypto assets to a little above 2,000. As interesting as the prospect sounds, it remains to be seen how the circulation of these coins would be facilitated without hassles.

It would be recalled that many cryptocurrency exchanges are embroiled in many challenges, ranging from security threats to downtime and lags in transactions. It is on the premise of this market opportunity that AnyOne took advantage of the problem and created a robust cryptocurrency trading platform which will be open for everyone to use soon.


Better Trading Options
It is a fact that inherent challenges, such as downtime and lags cannot be waved away on cryptocurrency exchanges. Nevertheless, it takes a platform with extra courage to weather the storm. From its proposals, it wouldn’t be out of place to suggest the feasibility of cryptocurrency trading potentials offered by AnyOne.

First, in a bid to propose a solution to transaction lags, the platform proposed the use of PoS consensus mechanism, which would work in tandem with the SHA256 algorithm to facilitate transactions. In addition to that is the potentiality of 60-second block time and confirmation of about 50 transactions at the end. Besides, the platform also hinted on the integration of its native coin, ANY as a tool to cut down the costs of listing new crypto coins on the exchange.


Blockchain Games
AnyOne doesn’t stop at offering faster trade confirmations but also tapped into decentralized gaming. In this case, gamblers and game lovers should be expecting the fusion of traditional games like baccarat and roulette alongside AnyOne built-in games like Dragon and Tiger, and Chinese Beauty.
It is important to note that the platform has plans to release more games, such as Tasai, Slot Machine 5 Games, and Texas hold’em.

The AnyOne Business Model
One of the facts that can’t be taken away from this project is the fact that it has a range of products to offer to the target audience. As earlier hinted, the gaming platform is designed for players and gamblers alike while the exchange is tailored for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, such as traders and buyers.
The third beneficiaries in the tri-business model instituted by AnyOne are the investors. The time has come for cryptocurrency investors to earn considerable amounts of income, and this project is the point of realizing that.

The investment or medium of earning comes in two forms. The first involves staking specific amounts on games or any other investment option the platform has to offer. The second is a referral system, which empowers AnyOne’s users to generate profits by merely introducing new members to the platform.

Investing with AnyOne (ANY) Coin
The Aniwon Investment Site is dedicated to potential investors that want to generate profits from their stakes on AnyOne. Transactions in this category are facilitated by using the built-in coin, ANY. With this, investors can engage in short and long-term investments that allow them to earn profits between 2-15% each month for investing on the coin. The coin is also usable in betting on games, cutting down on cryptocurrency listing fees, and generating profits from dividends.

AnyOne has through the array of features and proposed services, highlighted its potentiality to change the traditional use of cryptocurrencies. With AnyOne (ANY) coin, users can explore the gaming, investment, and exchange platforms with ease.

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