Blockchain Games take a New Dimension on AnyOne


The use cases of the blockchain technology have since moved away from conventional use as a platform for enhancing crypto transactions to one that supports a range of services, including games. The proposition made by AnyOne is set to bring revolutions to the global gaming industry, and add yet another use case to the blockchain.

The Huge Market
It is worth mentioning that the platform in review, AnyOne, was launched with the aim of offering solutions to three main pain points of the crypto community. The first is the fragments in crypto exchanges. The second is the need to introduce a new model for blockchain games, which would facilitate the use of crypto coins for transactions. The third is the use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets for investments. Out of these three, AnyOne promises to offer better features that would shape the future of games that are premised on the blockchain.


Why Should I Play AnyOne Games?
The first point to note here is that the platform has an array of games that would definitely appeal to different target audiences. For instance, table games would find favor in the eyes of European players, while slot machines are a good bet for online casinos based in the Northern part of America. It is in the same regard that the platform introduced other online casino games, such as roulette with the aim of increasing the user base and offering players better prospects.

Existing Issues
It is important to note that certain issues kick against the successful operations of online games. These also tend to affect the fortunes of players, which is a medium that creates more streams of income for casino operators at the expense of players.

The first problem on the list is the poor quality of contents and graphics of some games. The second is the inability of the online casino to find solutions to depreciating values of cryptocurrencies used by players. The last is the unreliability of online casino servers, which tend to have negative effects on the outcome of the game.


AnyOne’s Solutions
In furtherance of its aim to change the phase of traditional online casino games, AnyOne decided to create diverse solutions that are touted to reinvent the currently challenge-ridden online casino industry.

The first proposal made by the platform is the use of efficient and reliable web-based servers for scaling games played on the platform. To that end, the trio of WAF, AWS, and RDS was integrated to cut down the harsh effects of downtime on conventional online casino platforms.

The second proposed solution is the launch of AnyOne main network (main network). The idea here is to break away from the traditional use of an Ethereum-based network, which tends to entrust limited powers to the beneficiary. Instead, the mainnet proposed by AnyOne would go the extra mile to cut down the tendencies of manipulating results of games played on the platform.

Third and most importantly is the computation of AnyOne games to the value of 1 United States’ Dollars. The idea is to maintain the stability of the game and that of the crypto-coin used to bet on it. By integrating chips into games and valuing the same at 1 USD, AnyOne just proved that it is ready to prevent further decrease in the value of coins used in betting on AnyOne games, especially in the face of dwindling markets.


There is no doubt that many decentralized platforms have tailored solutions like that of AnyOne but have over time, become victims of the same problem they tend to solve. Nevertheless, if the proposals we have here on AnyOne are anything to go by, then the crypto community could be on the way to playing and profiting from robust and scalable games on the blockchain. ANY is the universal token fueling the ANYONE ecosystem, you can trade it on Coinexchange and CREX24.

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