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It’s been a long time coming since we saw a breathtaking innovation on the blockchain. Ever since cryptocurrencies shot their way to stardom on the platform, it has been one rend after another. Such manifestations led to the application of the blockchain technology in many other areas, such as supply chain management, the decentralized financial industry, and for hosting decentralized applications.

Now, AnyOne is offering a paradigm shift that would change the state of affairs and open up new markets for the distributed ledger technology. So, let us look at the propositions of this project they would make on the overall crypto community and the users as well.


Tri Business Model
The core of the propositions made by this project is the facilitation of a business model that is hinged on three components of investments, crypto exchange, and blockchain games. From a general perspective, it could be deduced that AnyOne has solutions to the majority of the problems in the crypto-sphere housed on one platform. Thus, it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if the proposals eventually become reality. Let’s look at their workings and how they would help in improving the fortunes of users in the crypto-sphere.


The AnyOne Exchange
Although it is still under development, some details about the anticipated crypto exchange have been made available to the public. The first takeaway is the platform’s tendency of putting an end to the high costs associated with conventional crypto exchanges. To do this, it allows crypto owners to determine the value of the coin at the onset. It took the niche higher by preventing loss of funds by cutting off third-party interference.

Furthermore, the major undertone is that AnyOne exchange would facilitate transactions at low costs. It also empowers crypto coin developers to list their tokens or coins on the platform at low costs.

The Gaming Platform

Another feature that sets AnyOne apart from other decentralized platforms is the integration of a gaming platform, which allows players and gamblers alike to play available games using their crypto coins. Furthermore, the gaming platform also makes use of high-quality graphics and facilitates the use of crypto coins to play games. In the same regard, players are sure of getting access to new games, because the platform promises to release new games each month. Also, the games are tagged to chips, which are also placed at par with the United States’ Dollars. The implication is that a chip is equal to 1 USD, making it hard for the value of the coin to be devalued because of the changes in the market price.

The Investment Platform
The trend in the crypto-sphere is gradually moving from trading and holding unto coins to the earning of dividends on saved assets. AnyOne’s dividend platform is the first of its kind, especially with the allocation of 100% of its revenue. Aside from creating an avenue for investors to generate profits from their stakes, the dividend platform also empowers investors to check the status of their investments.

Token Specifications :
Token Name: ANYONE
Ticker: ANY
Exchanges : Coinexchange , crex24 and AnyoneExchange (update soon)

Final Thoughts on AnyOne
Cryptocurrencies ought to have multiple use cases, and the solutions premised on AnyOne is a great way to start the revolution. Interestingly, the project has viable institutions backing it, thereby increasing the chances of its success.

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