Feels Like The End Of The World

This #apocalyptic tune, which I composed a good few years ago seems almost apocryphal, what with that clown #DonaldTrump in the #Whitehouse and his bumbling cousin #BorisJohnson as the #PrimeMinister of #GreatBritain... and now, I hear, a nasty, #homophobic party has won a landslide in the #Polish general elections.

We may well be going to #hell. Hang on to your hats folks.

I hope you enjoy the tune. If you do, there are more at https://soundcloud.com/yoshi-sunshine-electronica

If you feel inclined to upvote and resteam that would be fantastic. I kinda gave up on #Steemit for a while there, but I'm back now, giving it a second shot. The other day I posted a poem, but got next to fuck all response. I'll keep trying for a bit, but if my stuff just gets ignored, I'll probably start wondering what the point is. A wee bit of encouragement would be nice. Thanks!

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I encourage you to change your tags to get the right kind of attention. steemit has changed a lot in the past year and is now tribe and token based, so you want to find tribes that reflect your interests. I suggest the tags #palnet, #creativecoin, #sonicgroove, #tunes, and a few general tags like the ones above. if you post on steempeak you may use up to ten tags.

18.10.2019 04:02

Yeah, it's been a long time since I was last on Steemit. Why these specific tags? I'll give it a try with my next offering.

20.10.2019 15:48

And what is Steempeak???

20.10.2019 15:49

theres a ton to know. first off, steempeak is a front end site you can post on like steemit, except improved. there are a dozen or so such front ends, some for specific tribes. tribes show your interests. for instance creativecoin is for artists, writers and musicians. leo is for investers and traders, palnet is a general group for active steemians.
http://minnowpond.org/ << invite for pal discord. PAL has a chat function, a radio station with live shows, a help channel for questions, and lots of discussion areas. you can meet new people to network and add to your reader - friend list. i put a bunch of links below to give you an idea of the scope.
https://steem-engine.com/?p=balances&a=torico << steem engine is a wallet where tokens are kept. its like another level of steem to earn on


20.10.2019 16:06