Achievement 3 by @deeni1 Task:Content Etiquette.

Hi fellow Steemians,


As a process that newbies are supposed to go through on the steem block chain, and also having completed both Achievement 1 and Achievement 2 respectively, I am here to complete the next Achievement which is PLAGIARISM. It is one of the major illegalities the steem block chain frowns on.

What is Plagiarism then?

To the layman, Plagiarism is simply taking or presenting someone's ideas or work illegally as your own without prior aknowledgement and reference of that person. It is a punishable offence and one could face the law if found guilty of plagiarising someone's content.

Types of Plagiarism

There are various types of plagiarism. Below are a few examples

  1. Verbatim Plagiarism: This is simply copying someone's piece of text directly or completely and not indicating the author of such content.
  2. Mosaic Plagiarism: This happens when a scholar quotes directly from a content without citing the source of the content.
  3. Complete Plagiarism: This is a form of Plagiarism where a person takes someone's authentic work and presenting as his own work without sourcing the rightful owner.

How to Detect Plagiarism

This could be done in a very simple way. Get the tools for check on plagiarism. You will just upload your work on the plagiarism detector and it will give you feedback in percentages in just seconds.

Effects of Plagiarism

  • It damages a person's reputation
  • It attracts punishment to a person found guilty


Plagiarism is not good in whatever we do. Let's say NO TO PLAGIARISM

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