Words On Behalf of the Neglected Victims

Accountable for the millions who passed away and those who were terrorized by their "fellow countrymen", their time will come.

In President Trump's words .. millions and millions and millions and...

They need to be "nailed to the wall", held accountable with scientific confirmations ..else justices will continue to neglect evidence in order to defend their past mistakes.

.. because no one would admit nor correct their mistakes, North Americans died of cancer in steadily increasing numbers while the heartless took money for protecting rotten individuals like themselves.

Parking the ignorant majority and redistributing the resources stolen while forgiving the lives lost.

The good news... Taking Stock of Innovative Logic Leading Technologies and Treatments

The bad news, justices are required to cultivate an understanding of their prior mistakes and transgressions toward victims. Think of how many individuals young and old had their dignity used against them. They are going to admit and clean up their mess whether they ignore it or not ..says better logic.

People who sell their conscience so easily, god forbid a pestilence like cancer wash away the ignorant disgusting people who caused it to begin with, not allowing the research to define the bio-synthetic pathways necessary during biosynthesis of apoptotic endogenously produced cannabinoid compounds.

All-Eyes ..without money lies.

They are going to Nuremberg, something like it ..with a more merciful justice than their victims were afforded.

They have yet to investigate all of the way up their own tail.

I am becoming old, ornery and yet I accomplish new solutions ..what are all of the degrees in the justice building doing with the education they were fortunate enough to receive? ..nothing new, they serve left-overs from those who came before. Where is the improvement for humanity? ..it is not a utopian view to expect that those we pay produce something useful and original. I am not impressed, traumatized by stagnation is a more concise description.

I am slightly ornery about the subject, considering I am the only surviving member of my family ..ALL the way to Nuremberg.

Four joints turned into 3.9 Kgs ..who can you trust?

Not a one, they are all dirty of conscience and will protect their right to have caused injustice till they choose to inform themselves correctly.

The supposed cannabis dependence a doctor had filed when I asked if he could prescribe me cannabis, somehow became a cocaine dependence. I grew up not liking the substance then I had to be the guy to give up two children to abortion so someone else could have their kind of fun. Now I have to go back with the document that states the condition claimed by the doctor. The Crown Attorney's helper really "went to town".

They haven't an honest intention between them to forgive themselves for being incorrect. So "beep beep" is stuck in the way while people fall out of the hospital beds into the "still no one cares" hole. That is the less forgiving perspective I live with that the world has yet to stop the juggernaut for and consider.

Some of the lawyers will become justices later in the development.

They "go to hell" for complacently satisfying the prevailing prejudice at their place of work. The young professional looks the other way as each of those "dirty people" from the community is sacrificed for the inability of justices to provide less vengeful and more productive solutions.

Somebody was short the wattage for all to be spared the harm and loss ..Enter the Agora.

No matter what anyone tries to make me believe, I understand that I reasonably require the right to choose that which I am willing to metabolize or not. An elder justice hears the nurse coming, "dinnertime justice" as the trick meal is served with a patronizing grin of uncare.

Not only do I require the right, it needs to be PROTECTED from the mistaken who caused it to be abused before being understood by the victims.

Honesty and a solution were the minimum requirement to prevent the situation that has persisted against the "greater good" so many like to claim.

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