"Americanized" Singapore Noodles Flavoring Ratio is 2:1... 2/3 Chicken Base Powder to 1/3 Yellow Curry Powder.

"Americanized" Singapore Noodles flavoring ratio is 2:1... 2/3 chicken base powder to 1/3 yellow curry powder.


Actual Singapore Noodles would have very different ingredients. For a spicy edge the ratio can be changed to 1:1 ..half chicken half curry will yield a darker noodle not like the takeout version.

I used the rice noodle vermicelli for it's greater surface area and flavor dispersion characteristic. The noodles are thinner than the restaurant style and slightly harder to work when incorporating the vegetables, egg and shrimp. The incorporation step is the art, one must carefully pull the noodle. Adding oil helps but too much oil is a greasy texture later exuded by skin and hair, I digress.

ALWAYS add the flavoring (chicken/curry) to hot oil before adding noodles, this will achieve a more even coating while damaging less noodles and causing less work.

Replaced the standard celery and carrots, opting instead for zucchini, spinach and mushrooms.

It was satisfactory "Singapore" IMHO.

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