Which one of you turbo virgins can recommend me a good usb microphone?

Alas, it would seem that the current wiring for my gaming headset/microphone has shit the bed harder than a meth addict eating at Golden Corral. While it still functions for my gaming console, it would appear that it's just fucked now and I'll be having to look into a replacement. My budget would be relatively cheap, like around $30-40 because I'm broke as shit. Why am I needing a microphone to use for my computer, you might be asking yourself you fucking trogolodyte? Well, there's a few reasons I'm interested in getting one. Most of it has to due with content I'd like to make and share here on Steemit. 

In addition to doing written out articles and posting edited footage of me acting like an ape on whatever game I'm jamming on, I'd like to start doing reviews on movies and other forms of media via video. I think this would be a pretty cool outlet creatively and would allow me to really fill my videos with pure testosterone and masculinity. Beyond doing movie/game/show review videos, I've also been toying with the idea of grabbing 2 or 3 people and doing a semi weekly podcast to post to Steemit, so obviously having a decent quality mic would make that not sound like someone recording whilst ripping ass inside of a dumpster. As a final thought for the use of the mic, I might toy with recording acoustic guitar since I don't have a real way of recording that instrument otherwise. 

So, with all of that in mind, what would you guys recommend for a decent quality microphone? Unless one of my posts randomly makes a fair amount in the near future, my budget isn't too large. (Though, I may be willing to sell pictures of me doing goatsee in a mirror for a fair price. Possibly for 2 spicy chicken sandwiches from Chikfil A even.) Probably around 30-40 sheckles, so I'm not expecting anything insane. Just something that doesn't sound like a troglodyte banging rocks onto his genitals is halfway decent quality. One mic I was looking at was the Samson Go, but I'm honestly a novice in this field and figured I'd put this out there and see if any of you had a good suggestion. Let me know down below! 

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I use a Shure PG42 USB, I've had it a while and it is a bit overkill. For most, I'd recommend a Yeti or Snowball. It is the most popular "above average" microphone.

14.09.2019 23:09

The snowball looks like a good option and is just a tad over my price range, but possibly doable. Do you have experience with Blue mics yourself? I've heard a lot of steamers on Twitch and Youtube say Blue Yeti's are overrated as fuck and suck a fat scrotum. But, I can't tell if that comes from them using higher quality mics where they just couldn't go back or not.

15.09.2019 01:18

I purchased a Yeti and a Shure PG42 and liked the PG42 a lot better even though it was 2.5 more. I didn’t like the sound of the Yeti but many do.

15.09.2019 01:19

I'll dig my nipples into some reviews and see what I can expect from it, I suppose. The Shure looks like a good option as well, but I'd have save up some more cash and grab a used one from good old Ebay. I see one on there now for $85 which isn't bad if they were going for $200-300 new. Appreciate the suggestions, dood.

15.09.2019 01:25

I’m sure there are other options, mine was a bit excessive. If you can use amazon you can get a few and return what you don’t like.

15.09.2019 01:26

I use a Sades A60/OMG. Yeah, I'm boring, but no one has complained about the mic quality to me yet.

14.09.2019 23:30

Yeah, I thought about just getting another Gaming headset as a possible option, but, if I'm going to ever record some music with it having a dedicated microphone would probably be a better option. I don't wanna post music that sounds like I'm playing the guitar filtered through a fleshlight or something. Appreciate the suggestion though, dood.

15.09.2019 01:20

I don't even have a microphone so i am not going to be of much help but once again, you took a completely "meh" topic and made it fun to read.

I did find this piece of crap looking thing on Amazon for a mere $970 though. 41IGrfEjESL.jpg

Who TF buys thousand dollar microphones? I don't think my computer is worth that much.

18.09.2019 03:48

Yeah, I wasn't expecting a huge outpour of suggestions. Was just hoping a few of you slutterbutts might have some good suggestions.

Also, that is beyond fucking ridiculous. Jeff Bezo's probably wouldn't even buy one of those to record the audio of him snorting meth off a hookers taint. I seriously cannot think of a single use for a microphone that pricey unless you're trying to be the flashiest soundcloud rapper on the block.

But, yeah. I got a few ideas on mics, it's just that most are out of my price range. Not sure what I'm gonna go with for now. Really wanna figure something out so I can start making some new content. If I had some more Steem I'd consider selling some to buy one, but I don't really wanna power down what measly little stake I actually have.

18.09.2019 04:29