Apex Legends Season 2: Week One Highlights

What's up, you damn e-troglodytes. I'm back with some more highlights from my time jamming on Apex Legends. This round is from my gameplay from the first few days of the new season that just recently came out. I'm genuinely surprised that the update wasn't ha bad. I've only noticed a few things that kinda suck from the update, as well as some exploits that were supposed to be fixed, but apparently weren't as I found out from having 2 pathfinders on the same team twisting my nipples. EiEither way, hope the gameplay makes you hard and or moist, at the very least it shouldn't leave you feeling flaccid. If you find it does, well, then you're probably a slack jawed, limp dicked Redditor masquerading as a Steemian. But, yeah, enjoy the video dtube people.

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That's some awesome highlights dude, but basically none of that would ever happen on PC. Season 2 has made every aspect of the game to a fully-blown camper game.

I would say that people are starting to camp inside of houses right after the first, or at least the second circle. When it's down to one or two circles remaining, there's about 7 squads alive now.. At least on Platinum.

I really hope they will come up with a good solution to prevent the camping in the next season. I love the idea with having ranks, but you can't reward people that many RP's for placements... It takes away too much of the action.

17.07.2019 01:09

My highlights for the second week of this season are way better than these, had some really good moments the past few days, dood.

Also, I know what you're talking about. I watched Shroud playing last night and saw the 3rd to last circle still had 10 squads with 27 people left alive. When it was down the last 2 there was still 23 people alive. Shit was absolutely crazy to see. I got into Gold IV last night and I'm hoping we don't have to deal with the same type of shit on console, but I guess I will see.

I agree, there should be more emphasis on kills versus placing. I think placement should still reward you quite a bit, but I think kills should be worth 2 points at least to try and make more incentive to go out and fight and not camp so much.

17.07.2019 01:16

Yeah, I don't mind having RP's for placements, but I think it's too high right now. Could easily be 10 to the winner, 7 for second place and 3 for 3rd place for instance, and just leave it at that.

The cap of 5 RP for kills is stupid.. I mean, if you can't kill more than 5, that's up to you. If you have a great game, you could easily get well-more than 5... A cap of 10k would be ideal. You should be rewarded for the kills you get.

I also think that they should give RP for both assists and revives, to encourage people to play as a team. Perhaps even RP for other stuff like if lifeline heals teammates or something, but I obviously understand that it would be difficult to implement something like that.

If you play with randoms now, at least on PC, and you get knocked, your mates will run away. People are afraid to get into fights because they lose RP if they die early, so most people are going for placements... It takes away all the action early- and mid game... But it's often insane in the end.

17.07.2019 01:38

fantastic footage dude. I can't tell if you are really good or if your opponents are just bad... maybe a combination of the two.

seriously dig your "pride armor"

17.07.2019 03:22

I would say it's a little of column A, little of column B. The second week of footage which I'll post soon is a lot better than this though. I do think some of it is that I'm just not retarded with FPS games and I'd say I'm above average as a player, but there is also just a lot of troglodytes on here who have the skills of a sentient foot.

Also, hell yeah. I switch between the rainbow skin and a nice cheetah print usually. Because that's dead sexy.

17.07.2019 05:37