Mozambique for the win. (Apex Legends)

Behold, the grand majesty of the mighty Mozambique.Dread it, run from it, hammerpoint rounds arrive straight to your urethra all the same. But, yeah, Enjoy this wonderful highlight from a recent game of Apex Legends.

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no rainbow suit this time? Some of that time you spent in the open it is surprising to me that no one even targeted you. Shitty opponents?

31.07.2019 02:55

Playing a different character this time actually. Though I got an Oni styled suit for that other character, so the rainbow suit is in retirement probably. And, at the start of the clip there's only 8 other people on the map besides my team. While we were fighting that one 3 man squad the other two teams alive were fighting. So, I think it was more that everyone was just being cautious and waiting to see what happened towards the end.

Also, I have a clip that would show you what a real shitty player is. I always end up with horrible teammates when playing by myself. But, this guy I ran into the other day takes that up to the next level, then buttchugs some crack for funsies.

31.07.2019 15:14

So when you play Apex do you get to choose like sort of level that is based on a stat of some sort like in MMO PVP i would have called it ranked.

The reason I don't play games like this is because I know, at least at first, that I am going to absolutely suck at it (like you would expect of anyone their first time) and I don't want to be subjected to 12 year olds that take this sort of thing very seriously, to get all pissy about it. :P

01.08.2019 01:58

Well, Apex works kinda like Overwatch with it being 10 characters to choose from in the game. 6 of the characters are automatically unlocked when you start, and you get Legends Tokens from leveling up in the game to purchase the other ones. So, if you sink in the hours into gameplay you can just unlock them eventually no matter how you're playing. Or, you can buy them as well, because that option always has to be included in games these days.

I mean, we all usually suck some hard scrotum at first when we're playing a new game. But, eventually you'll get better. There are tons of 8 year old children and grown up fuck tards that play this game, I don't think you'll get ragged on too much for being new to playing or anything, dood. If you do decide to give it a try on PS4 let me know and I'll come play with you on there sometime.

01.08.2019 02:26