Lets Play Until Dawn (Spooky turbo virgin edition)


What better way to celebrate Halloween than playing a game where you play several lizard people trying to simulate being human beings. Bust those ass cheeks out, put your sexy nun costume on and grab your candy corn, because we're about to go in dry on this masterful piece of horror gaming. On a more serious note though, I hope you all have a fun time today and enjoy the holiday. I'll enjoy it by sitting in my apartment while it is pouring rain outside, eating snacks and watching movies, because I'm an antisocial fuck who hates cold weather. Anyways, I'll catch you all later, slutterbutts.

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lol... "let's check instagram!" ... is that the Mr. Robot dude (Rami Malek) in the game? it certainly looks like him. Mike was just a little bit hateable "just punch him in the dick!" Dude, i want to kill literally every character that i was subjected to in that little bit of game that i was exposed to.

01.11.2019 17:34

Oh, yeah. They're all absolutely awful at the start of the game. I only got about 2 hours into playing it, but I definitely feel like most of them should be sent to live into a colony of anti vaxxer soccer moms and flat earthers.

And, yes, that is good old Rami Malek. This game is what he performed in right before his career started to blow up. I'm guessing the popularity of the game when it came out helped spread his name around a bit, but either way I love the dude and I'm glad he got to be a part of this.

01.11.2019 20:59