Happy 4th of July, turbo virgins.

Just wanted to say Happy treason day 4th of July to my fellow Americans, most of which are probably the dryest virgins around. We're spending ours sitting on the steps of our apartment bumming off a nearby firework displays while having some drinks. You know, some true 700 IQ intellectual shit. Here's a quick video I took of the flaccid display of fireworks. 

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i saw a FB post that was a "reminder that no one is going to watch your shitty video of fireworks" but here we are, and yes, i just watched that.

09.07.2019 04:09

Hey now, at least I edited mine and cut out the sections where nothing happened except for me rambling because I was fairly buzzed. And, lets not forget the guy towards the end who was pulling in and staring at me probably thinking I was recording him or some shit.

09.07.2019 05:11

yeah, i know. Just having some fun with you. How inconsiderate of your neighbor to leave all of their exterior lights on.

10.07.2019 02:36

Oh, I know. I was just thinking of how ridiculous it would have been if I'd left in me talking about the mosquitoes feeding from me and stealing all my gamer energy and stupid shit like that. And, our neighbors are an old persons home, so I think they have to leave them on to make sure anyone with dementia doesn't wander outside and start eating a child or doing fortnite dances, you know, some real nefarious shit.

10.07.2019 02:42