Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 51): Inside the sea

image source: @xpilar

This image is made by @xpilar through his imagination and thought.
For the contest, I'll be giving the details of the image from my own point of view.
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Looking at the image which is well designed and garnished with beautiful colors, you could see the peaceful environment, the soft sand, the clear water, the rocks beneath the sea bodies which helps to illuminate the environment with the reverse of any color that shines about it.
The fishes can be spotted in the background especially, those dolphins that is closer to the shinny rock at the center.
On the other side of the image, you can see the presence of king shake trying to play with some little specie of fishes that @xpilar imagined and gave them a uniform color of black stripes on silver layer.
Are they tilapia fishes?
Going back to the side where those dolphins are located, you will notice that there are smaller fishes beneath them which I guess, the dolphins did not see them for if they did, those ones won't have been on this image. Lol.
This is a nice imagination and thought for there is a possibility that there would be a fight in the the real picture because I sense the presence of a bigger fishes behind them all.

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