Good afternoon vital statistic, Good afternoon friends. Today I want to share the late Halloween party which is the event was ended last November 2, 2019. But for me, all the saint days are every day because of our tradition here every Monday we visit our love once in the cemetery to place a player and bring some flowers.

As you can see this is me hahaha I don't know if this is fit or not for the party but I think this is. I was selecting what is the best costume in the Halloween party. So what do you think this is fit or not I think I am a sad fairy wishing to collect to help a sad soul or maybe an angel brought for tender care and love.
Looking good yes or not? But if not I will mad to all of you LOL! I'm just kidding. Just looking at the mirror and look at what it looks like. I think a worried soul wants to feel her natural spirit and connect to the people while they look at the mirror.
But if someone does not does what the mirror said I will show you the true color of mine. I will enter your dreams and I will rip your soul flesh to flesh hahaha. Your soul is mine now, you can run but you can hide.

Wahahaaa! run as fast as you can. You can't escape me I am rampant to all the households hahaha just pray to the lord and confession all your sin. Do I scare you guys hahaha I think I do not scare you right will anyway this is some kind of the camera tricks?
Me my son and my mom I'll be watching you haha. This is not good but I love the feature crying blood eyes the worse is my son loves this one haha because of the animated blood tears dropping on our eyes. What do you think this is good for the party or not? Honestly, we are hunting what is the best costume for the Halloween party.
Single-shot of mine haha I was a favor to my son eh, haha what do you think you love it? If not just comment below which is the best make up to use for the Halloween party.

Wait I almost forgot haha before I end this content I would like to great advance happy birthday to my son this coming December 2, 2019, you are all invited to eat my house hahaha I'm just kidding. But if are near to my place I would like to invite you all especially @cicisaja, @johndoer123. Honestly, my son knows both of your even if he did not see you in the person but he knows these two good-hearted people.
Oh my god I'm scared my son I am trying to run but you still at my side help me I have been haunted by the skeleton baby what! run everyone run!......

Haha, one of the best costumes. As you can see the post of @chrismadcboy2016 I think he uploaded it on dtube. I bit my son to make scarier and he bit the video haha I love the perfect timing while he opens his mouth and the ghost form show while his doing his moves.

Very scary my son I think you scared them a lot hahaha
And this one is so cute hahaha... So lovely huh hey @thekittygirl, and @brittandjosie, @xcountytravelers here take a look at what he does a little cute little ole cat wanted part of the cat lover. Why do I know you both? because before I make this content my husband ask me to tag this cat three cat lovers and that is the three of you. I am glad that I know you even if I am not an active user but I am trying to set aside my time of being a full-time mother of my son.

Will anyway I am near to finish this post and I am very thankful that @chrismadcboy2016 knows a lot of people here in the steem world and I admit it he is a best man ever he is a hard work husband a multitask man and most of all a caring of me especially his son.

So I have to go now better luck next time If I have a lot of time I will make more than 5 posts a day but I can't because I am focusing on my son's well and he really needs my attention on his condition. I know he really facing a rare blood condition and @cicisaja, @ johndoer123 know this already. Ok, I have to go now bye guys and see you all in the next post have a nice day everyone!.

Sincerely your's

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