3 words about 3speak !

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It's a cool collaboration by @dcooperation community.

3 steemians participated in this : @josediccus , @chireerocks , and @clixmoney.

The video is edited by me @clixmoney.

If you want to participate in collaborations like this, join our discord server here : https://discord.gg/u7gYDqP

Read about us here !

▶️ 3Speak

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@tipu curate

23.10.2019 11:21

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3)

23.10.2019 11:21

@dcooperation, Thank you so much for your kind mention and keep up with this Community Development work team. Stay blessed.

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23.10.2019 14:36

You're very welcome. Thanks a lot for participating. ☺

23.10.2019 16:27

Welcome and thank you.

23.10.2019 18:33

I'm sorry I totally missed this, but I'm glad my autovote came through, it's nice seeing the complications really I hoped to see another set of people participating as well really. It's an amazing combo there. I'm glad I participated, thanks for everything you're doing for 3speak

24.10.2019 16:12

You're very welcome. Thanks a lot for participating, that mean a lot to me. For the autoupvote also a special thanks. Maybe I set the community not correct when I decided to upvote mostly delegators. Things change and now I will support those who will collaborate more. Even if someone will undelegate, it's better for the account to serve the purpose. But, even though our upvote is not that big. It seems I have to just look for people like you, who just want to support my initiative. Really tired to curate those who are not doing that much for the community. Things will change from now.

24.10.2019 19:54

Definitely, I think change is good and however it turns out, I'll keep supporting your initiative by all means. And you're welcome.

24.10.2019 20:05