Steem review from Japan - by @cryptokannon !

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I'm @clixmoney the founder of DCoopration.

I created @dcooperation for steemians to collaborate.

Steemians are sending us content, it's all shared in this account and powered up to support them all.

This video is sent to us from Japan by @cryptokannon. Edited by me.

It's really nice review from @cryptokannon from Japan. She joined us recently and seems very exicted about steem.

By the way, it's her first video ever created in steem. So, don't judge hard.

Please follow @cryptokannon , we don't have that much people from Japan in steem.

Japanese people seems very peaceful and friendly. ☺

I even used japanese music in the video. Very calm and nice.

I guess it's japanese, because the family name of the musician seems to me jananese ''Nakarada''.

Maybe @cryptokannon will tell us in the comments if that's true. ☺

Enjoy watching.


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The opening video is created by : @geekoverdose

source of used picture in the thumbnail

Credits of the music used in the video :
Wintersong by Alexander Nakarada |
Music promoted by
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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29.12.2019 11:14

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

29.12.2019 11:14

Excellent steem review from Japan. Cryptokannon is so beautiful and kind. She always create great content and I like her blog. Thanks for sharing the great interview.

29.12.2019 11:52

I thank you @msena. I'm glad you found what I share helpful to you 😊

29.12.2019 12:13

Thanks for the kind words @clixmoney. I have no idea about the music, but it sounds soothing,nice selection. I will try my best to be shameless next time so dcooperation has more video content from me. Haha!

29.12.2019 12:11

Thanks a lot for sharing that. We should see more content in the future from you for sure. ☺

29.12.2019 12:36

excellent steemit review and good @cryptokannon you are our great steemian and good creator of content thanks for sharing this video best of luck

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30.12.2019 09:08

Thanks a lot guys.

30.12.2019 12:11

Hello.. I have a very high regards and respect for Japan for people, culture and technology advancement. How can I help so that we can grow together at Steemit. Thaks for soothing background music and your calming voice. rgds - Miliend

30.12.2019 12:46

Thanks for your comment. Her voice is indeed so calming. ☺

30.12.2019 13:00

Hi @richmili thank you for your kind words. Actually I took the video in the middle of night just before going to sleep, so I try to not make much noise and use my small voice. Haha! Thank you for stopping by and you can help us grow by sending your video content to @clixmoney so we have content like this for @dcooperation post. The post payout will then be use to power up the SP for dcooperation account. Join us in discord if you are not there yet.

31.12.2019 14:00

Hello cryptokannon , Thanks a lot, I am new to STEEMIT joined on December 12, 2019 not even 1 month. I will sure do whatever I can to help people grow on Steemit. How to join discord which I am not yet joined. Thanks and nice to meet you on STEEMIT.

01.01.2020 05:45

hi @richmili discord links is here
nice to cross path with you on steemit too.

05.01.2020 02:20

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30.12.2019 16:04

Thank you for your support community / @clixmoney, I am very grateful to you for valuing my efforts in publications. Blessings.

22.02.2020 14:47

You're very welcome. ;)

22.02.2020 15:00