Think about STEEM - #1 - Thanks to @alokkumar121

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This is a new series of videos from @dcooperation , the video edited by @clixmoney.

We are asking steemians to send us videos with what they think about steem.

All the rewards from those videos will powered up to reward all the participants.

Thanks to @alokkumar121 who sent us the first video and he will get 8 steem reward for being the first who reacted.

He will also get an autoupvote of 14% every single day from @dcooperation during the month.

Take a look here how that's counted !

Thanks also to those who participated in the previous collab and those are : @josediccus and @chireerocks. ( both getting 10% upvote everyday and @josediccus rewarded with 10 steem for being the first who reacted ! )

Participate in our next collabs and be rewarded !

We are promoting this videos to the world and we need everybody outside steem to feel the community here !

Enjoy watching. ☺


If you want to support our project, you can delegate to us using this tool : Delegate to DCooperation

You can also support us by following our trail here : DCooperation curation trail

Join us in discord here : DCooperation discord server


You still can send us a video about what you think about steem in one minute.

The entries can be sent using this website : to

Let me know in the comments or in discord if you did send the video, because it can be saved on the website before I download it, only 24 hours.

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@tipu curate 2

30.10.2019 12:26

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30.10.2019 12:26

I am so happy to get featured on @dcooperation community vlog and thanks to @clixmoney for this nice initiative to bring more people together add value in steem. I hope more people will come forward to be part of it and it would be more fun. Thanks much for the reward. Have a great day.

30.10.2019 13:52

You're very welcome. ☺

30.10.2019 13:54

Welldone there @alokkumar121, it's amazing to see your entry, I wish we can have up to 5 or 6 steemian to really participate as well in the Next collaboration, hopefully when we would, and soon I'll do a video for dcoperation as well really. Welldone Clix

30.10.2019 14:41

Thanks. I'm glad to see you excited about this. We need all to stick together and bbuild this. I'm sure more people will join in the future. I asked about ideas and already got some good ones. For example we can call tribes and they may participate.

30.10.2019 19:19

@alokkumar121, Congratulations and keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

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31.10.2019 15:28


04.11.2019 14:38

Welcome team.

04.11.2019 20:31