Steeming Community Contest Week #04 | "Dear Steemit " by @dayographix

This is my entry for this contest  @fabio2614 Thank you for creating this contest . it will also enlighten new comers on what STEEMIT is all about, this is my letter to STEEMIT.



There is this woman living in the same estate with me that has laser dog. Some evenings or weekends I routinely take a walk with our puppy Maya round the estate and while walking pass her compound, her dog usually comes out to bark. I do imagine if dogs have their own language because often times, the woman’s dog comes out to bark even when we are passing very quietly.

On one occasion the woman stopped me to compliment our puppy and from there started telling me how she love dogs and we should feel free to come around sometime so both of our dogs can play. I thanked her without actually agreeing to her proposal, but it was an invitation I had to take under advisement.

The training I got while growing up was not to always jump at people’s invitation to visit their house or even visit at my own will.

This is the part my mum got tired of me because, not only will I visit our neighbor’s house, I will eat, sleep there and even bathe with them without minding the consequences. Why should my parents even not allow me to play four man post with my peers or allow me remove my clothe and jump around naked with them under the rain.

That feeling of running around naked innocently under the rain without minding that your bell is ringing is out of this world and I will always be mad whenever my parents are around while its raining.

Being in a parental position to Maya, I now understood why my parents didn’t give us the liberty to go to wherever we wanted when we were younger and on that note, I decided Maya was not going anywhere to play. Well since Maya is puppy she might not see things the way I saw it while growing up I convinced myself.

On Saturday Morning, i left the assignment that am meant to do on #steemit just to take a walk with maya and the woman saw me again and beckoned on me to come inside and see her dog. Being that I had made up my mind it was not going to happen, I smiled while passing her like the levite passed the man travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho.

However, I stopped when a girl still in her night wares with a lot to reveal rushed out from her compound and went after my dog as she shouted mum she is actually beautiful.
I didn’t care much about Maya at that time as my eyes were glued to her skin, chest, waist and laps with my mouth open. Not that I was lusting after her, I was only concerned about my well as well being as well as the person that intends to spoil my morning devotion. She had to apologize for carrying Maya without my permission and with my face full of smile, I told her that its ok.

At this point the mother introduced her to me as her daughter Emillia. I nodded my head mischievously like an agama lizard in astonishment.

I looked at the woman and said to her that I will take that her offer for our dogs to be friends and play together. Our people say “ Na afu ife ka ubi, ere oba” and being that I have Maya’s interest at heart, who am I to stop her happiness. That will make me a bad person I managed to convince myself once again. I had to excuse myself for being in a haste with a promise to come around today being Sunday.

Sunday came almost immediately and there I was this evening with Maya. At their gate I was hearing a woman’s voice raising her voice that her dog is pregnant and it’s the woman’s dog were going to visit that is responsible.

I didn't wait to hear details on how it happened, I quietly turn back and headed home when the woman said that’s how your dog goes about impregnating other dogs in this estate.

I don’t want issue from the estate especially from “Mkpi na agbalu oha ewu”(Goat that impregnates other goats for the public) of a dog , let me go and face my steemit in peace to avoid stories that touches the heart...





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"I have Maya’s interest at heart, who am I to stop her happiness." ... hmm... was it Maya's heart or Dayo? just thinking😄

Your entry to week#04 contest has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

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Hello @dayographix, I am Alejandro, alias @psicoparedes. I just pass by to tell you that I have curated your post using Steemingcuration account. Keep up with the good work 😊

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