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What is Consensus Algorithm?
consensus algorithm is an interaction in software engineering used to accomplish concurrence on a solitary information esteem among dispersed cycles or frameworks.

A consensus algorithm is a procedure through which all the parties of the blockchain network come to a common term (consensus) on the present data state of the ledger and to be able to trust unknown peers in a distributed computing environment. 

Types of Consensus Algorithms



Delegated Proof-of-Stake

Leased Proof-Of-Stake

Proof of Elapsed Time

Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Simplified Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Directed Acyclic Graphs







From the Assignment Given I will be talking about Proof of Burn (PoB)

What is Proof of Burn ?


POB is regularly called a POW framework without energy squander. It works on the rule of permitting diggers to "consume" virtual cash tokens. They are at that point allowed the option to compose blocks in relation to the coins consumed.

To shield the PoW digital money, a part of the coins will be singed! The interaction occurs as the diggers send a couple of coins to an "Eater Address." The Eater Addresses can't spend these coins on any reason. A record monitors the consumed coins making them truly unspendable. The client who consumed the coins will get an award too.

Indeed, the consuming is a misfortune. Be that as it may, the harm is brief as the interaction will shield the coins over the long haul from the programmers and their digital assaults. Besides, the consuming cycle builds the stakes of the elective coins.

Such a situation builds the opportunity of a client to mine the following square just as expands their compensations later on. In this way, consuming could be utilized as a mining advantage. The counterparty is a great agreement illustration of a digital currency that utilizes this blockchain agreement convention.

Example of Proof of Burn

POB implementation can be customized. For example, Slimcoin, a virtual currency network that uses POB,

With regards to blockchains like Ethereum, which are basically disseminated data sets, the hubs of the organization should have the option to agree on the present status of the framework. This is accomplished utilizing agreement systems.

Albeit not a piece of building a dapp, understanding agreement components will help clarify things that are pertinent to you and your clients' experience, similar to gas costs and exchange times.

Comparison between POB and POW

Proof of Burn (POB) is an elective consensus Algorithm that attempts to address the high energy utilization issue of a POW framework. POB is frequently called a POW framework without energy squander. It works on the guideline of permitting diggers to "consume" virtual money tokens

In Conclusion PoB permits a miner to consume coins that not just gives them the option to vie for the following square yet in addition allows them the opportunity to get blocks during a more drawn out time span, for at least a year.

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