Thursday Morning Greetings from Doggo, Complete with Yoga Time and Some Good Vibes!

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There’s been this thing I’ve noticed with British morning weather lately. It’s almost as if, each morning, for about an hour or two, it forgets it’s supposed to be grey, cloudy and rainy. In that time, I try my best to sneak out on to my yoga mat, find a relatively dry and sunny spot and get a quick practice in, before the weather rubs the morning tiredness out of it’s eyes come’s to its senses and says…

’Wait a minute! This is England Dammit! Someone bring in the clouds!!


And so I retreat to the warms of the van, and start my work day, thankful for the minutes in the sun that I did have.

I woke up feeling pretty good, and although I would have loved a longer practice, I had multiple messages from clients in Taiwan that have been waiting since 3 am, so I figured my quick 20 minute go-to was the best move.

@teamhumble handed me a cup of green tea on my way out the door and I was greeted by my friend again!


it’s like she knew I was coming, she was sitting as the furthest point her lead would allow her to go near the back of the van, sitting and when she noticed me, there was an instant request for belly rubs.


Animals do so much for my soul… If you’re a creature lover you understand. Instant reset.

Practice was great, got a smoothie going for myself and @teamhumble and I somehow unconsciously cracked out a post without even really meaning to. (I’ll be putting that up in a few minutes).

I’ve got some nice music in my ear and I’m ready to begin my most sacred of morning rituals- the LIST.

(THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me and sent kind words yesterday. I'm feeling much better today, ready to dust myself off and finish this month strong!- So thankful for you!)

Wish me luck, there’s lots to be done today! Lots to do the next few days so today is the day to EXECUTE, then Saturday, the birthday weekend celebrations begin! Stoked!

Ok I really have to go now… you hang up first…. you hangup first!!



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