The Laundry Pod - Eco Friendly Hand-Powered Laundry

The Laundry Pod

Eco Friendly Hand-Powered Laundry


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Hunter's comment

When I was a kid I used to call the washer/dryer the "WASHINGMACLEANER" and that's what I would have named this little device for sure.

We all know water is going to be in even shorter supply soon, so I really like the concept of the laundry pod, doing a load of laundry while on the road in the van life, or camping with only 6 liters of water is pretty great if you ask me.

Oh also, it requires no electricity so it'll help ya get some exercise using that hand crank and uses 1/6 of the detergent of a conventional washer, if this thing is durable its a total win for me.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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